[Melb 2013]: St. Kilda

One of the things I love about travelling is the flexibility. Prior to the trip, I didn’t plan too much – just a list of places to eat at and Mum’s birthday proceedings. Other than that, it was pretty much a “wake up and see what you want to do” trip.

This was one of those days. A spontaneous trip to St. Kilda with my favourite baby brother, GC! So off we went to the tourist centre in CBD to ask about the Myki!


 Unfortunately, it was quite overcast that day and actually started sprinkling a bit when we got there, but it didn’t hinder us one bit. In fact, there was an instance of hilarity with our umbrella which inverted itself upon opening, when there was not one gust of wind. Yes, it is time to invest in better umbrellas =P

Luna Palace…was closed.

I’m not sure if the place is only like this in winter, but St. Kilda seemed a bit dead when we went. I *think* we went during the week so that may also explain the quiet surroundings, or perhaps it was the rain?

We walked along the pier because we wanted to see the natural (salt?) baths which were…err…not as we expected? We thought there would be naturally-forged “baths” (i.e., massive holes in the sand) along the shore, but it turns out that it was encased in an actual building that is now a spa or something. So that was pretty disappointing, particularly for GC since he really wanted to see them.

We walked all along the pier, then headed to find some lunch. We weren’t familiar with St. Kilda at all so we had no idea where we should go eat. Luckily, we had one of those tiny St. Kilda booklets and decided on Garage Espresso…mainly because the main table in the photo looked cool! haha. Never judge a cafe by its table? =P

The interior really was as funky as we expected and we knew it was an awesome choice once we stepped in!

We love their bottle of water! And there’s our list of attractions =P

Banana smoothie

Funny thing with the smoothie. There were 2 options – banana and berry. GC is more a fan of berry than banana but given he had his wisdom teeth out 2 weeks prior and he still had the holes, he didn’t want to get berry bits stuck in them so he ordered the banana (it was still nice though). Only that he then ate…

quinoa. Which is small and gets stuck in holes. haha.We decided to order 2 dishes and share with each other and I chose this quinoa salad with haloumi and lemon dressing – I mainly ordered this because I wanted the haloumi haha. It was nice though – really filling because of all the quinoa but it was light so you don’t feel like you’ve eaten an entire elephant, not that I eat elephants!

Slow-cooked lamb wrap
GC ordered the slow-cooked lamb wrap which had yoghurt dressing, rosemary and rocket in it. This was quite nice, though the lamb was a tad dry and you needed the yoghurt dressing to bind it all together. They were quite generous with the filling, and there was quite a lot of lamb in it. 
Overall, the food wasn’t mind-blowingly great, but it was fresh and yum. The place is an awesome place just to chill with friends, or in my case, my favourite little brother =) Great choice made by us! Love how we judged the cafe by its table hehe =P

So with our bellies filled, we walked along Chapel Street, literally ALL along Chapel St until South Yarra. It took us most of the afternoon because we were going in and out of the boutiques doing a little bit of shopping. GC and I were both getting sick of the usual stores in shopping centres so we wanted to check out some alternative boutiques.

And how can we say no when we walk past a Ben&Jerry’s? I’m not a HUGE fan of their icecreams because I find them much too sweet, but we couldn’t resist eating icecream in the cold weather (because we’re weird like that). So we got a single scoop of mint choc chip which was great! Yes…that is a single scoop! The guy was very generous!

So…armed with our icecream, we walked along Chapel St doing some more shopping…towards this place..

BURCH & PURCHESE!!!!!!! I never planned to come here this time because I didn’t want to tire myself out too much and travel too far, but…since we were *kinda* in that area, it’s an opportunity too good to pass! Will have a separate post about this place (and other sweets I ate) so keep your eyes peeled!

This was perhaps one of the best days I had in Melbourne, second of course to Mum’s actual birthday! I love exploring with GC and spending quality time with each other just chatting away about anything. Plus, he’s my awesome sweets partner. I’m so appreciative of how he’s always happy to go exploring with me…and get fat with me haha. Although…all the fat seems to have come to me instead of him =.=’

Hope you enjoyed my post!

Thanks for reading!! ^^ Enjoy the latter half of the week!


4 thoughts on “[Melb 2013]: St. Kilda

  1. I'm glad that you likes Melbourne. It has raining a lot this Summer…. NOT HAPPY!!! – hee hee :p I'm the sunshine kind of person…

    Guess what??? I'm have never been to Burch & Purchese before. Ops! I love to see what you have and like in B&P…



  2. Thanks for dropping by, Zoe! Yes I was quite blessed with good weather when I went – it only rained late at night when we were all sleeping hehe. Oh you must pay a visit to B&P one day =) Will post about it soon, hopefully!


  3. Banana smoothies! OMG haven't had that for years AND I even forgot about it. I have bananas and I think I 'm going downstairs to make it. It looks so good. It's cold right now but I got this craving all the sudden. I used to like banana berries (with blueberries) but the black dots stuck between my teeth so I stopped drinking. LOL. Prob that was the last time I drink banana smoothies… haha.


  4. Haha! That's funny, Nami! There's nothing wrong with eating/drinking something cold in cold weather – my brother and I LOVE icecream in winter! haha. Hope you ended up having the banana smoothie =P


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