[Melb 2013]: The Grain Store

Good morning! Finally posting about my trip to Melbourne this year! Better late than never, right? =P 
Before I went, I had a neat little list of where I should go eat. I mean, come on, you can’t go to Melbourne and not have an eating list, right? Anyway, thanks to my obsession with reading food blogs I heard about The Grain Store, situated in Melbourne CBD.
I read blog posts about the opening night, and it looked great. To satisfy my curiosity, I looked at the breakfast/brunch menu and I knew it had to be added to my list.
The menu at The Grain Store features different brunch items; they do have some of the regulars like eggs benedict but they have added a neat little twist on them.

fresh pastries & sandwiches

My brother GC and I were a little too excited about going here and we ended up reaching there before it opened. We were surprised it was a Sunday but the brunch places opened later than Perth…? No worries, we explored the city a bit more and scoped out other eating places on my list so we could plan our gastronomical attack upon Melb CBD =P

Finally, we waited patiently enough and The Grain Store opened its doors for us =D Happy CC and GC! hehe

private room for larger groups, I believe. 

The place is very spacious with lots of warm lighting and décor. It’s the perfect little place for a warm cup of coffee/tea in the cooler weather and I imagine it would also be appropriate for business lunches.

I love that they incorporate Australian natives in their décor which adds to the rustic charm and homely atmosphere.

Think it’s time to show you the food, right?

chai latte for me, spirulina juice for him
Melbourne is very into the fresh and healthy produce, more so than Perth I find. Or perhaps it’s just because there’s more worthy eating places in Melbourne? Anyway, we had no idea what spirulina actually was…GC and I had heard of it but we didn’t know whether it was a special additive, or a herb or what. We actually had to google it, and decided to try it.
The chai latte was a lovely start to the day, robust chai spices and a dusting of cinnamon powder on the top. I love the fact that it came in its own pot. The only thing is that I like to drink milk really hot, and being the talker I am, by the time I finished the pot of chai, it was lukewarm milk which doesn’t sit well with me.

GC ordered the sausage…from memory, I think it was pork and fennel. He liked that there was some bite to it and it wasn’t just the mash-up of unknown parts. This was a lovely meal he said and particularly filling due to the sausage and the winter vegetables. I loved the winter vegetables which had some sweet potato and parsnip (I *think*) and the tomato chutney. The vegetables added some spice and the chutney added the much-needed acidity to the sausage.

smoked salmon salad, babaganoush, fried poached egg

I ordered the smoked salmon with babaganoush, fried poached egg and crème fraiche. This was fantastic. I loved the freshness of the salad and the herbs tossed through it. The fried poached egg was something I had never had before and it was pretty great – I halved it with GC’s egg so we could both have a taste. When you bite into it, you get the feeling of eating croquettes but better because it’s egg with runny yolk…those who know me well know that fully-cooked egg yolks are on par to being a cardinal sin to me.

The crème fraiche was left untouched because it was too strong for me – I suspected I wouldn’t like it but I wanted to try it anyway =P The babaganoush was fantastic! We couldn’t lay our finger on it but there seemed to be an Asian twist to it with a hint of kombu or bonito…still not sure, but still fantasizing as I write this up.


This was the day my older brother JC arrived…at 4am. That means he needs a coffee to function. JC and my sister SC arrived later than us because they kept sleeping.

The coffee at The Grain Store comes from St. Ali, I believe and told JC he must try it. JC loved it – said it was one of the best coffees he’s had.

coq au vin

Unfortunately they felt their dishes were underwhelming. JC ordered the coq au vin – for breakfast, yes. I loves the caramelized onions and while JC enjoyed it, he didn’t think it was particularly outstanding.

mushroom benedict with potato hash

As was the same with SC, who ordered the mushroom benedict with potato hash. She said it tasted like a typical benedict.

fries, aoli

We also ordered some house-made chips, which I like to call giant potato fingers. Why? Well, basically the size of one chip was akin to them cutting one medium potato into 4 strips. They were massive and fat, and absolutely delicious. Crunchy on the outside, fluffy on the inside. Any lovers of potato chips must order this. The garlic aoli was a little heavy for the chips but very fragrant.

Overall, the brunch was quite nice and I think it’s worth trying. You can really taste the freshness in the produce they use, and I like how their menus feature different items.

If you do visit, let me know what you think!

The Grain Store
517 Flinders Lane,
VIC 3000
(03) 9972 6993

Thanks for reading! ^^ Have a great day!!


4 thoughts on “[Melb 2013]: The Grain Store

  1. Woah! Seeing all the people post little things from Melbourne makes me old! The last time I was there is almost 4 years ago! Will definitely make a trip to melbourne next year with my free flight from Amex lol!

    I like what GC ordered! Looks really awesome!


  2. Lols AMEX gives free flights for their platinum, plat reserve and plat edge card. I am using a plat edge card hehe. Its the cheapest of the lot @@! Only $99 a year with a free domestic flight yearly and a one off $200 david jones gift card hehehe! GOod value :)!


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