[Eating out]: Lapa Brazilian BBQ – Subiaco

I love their logo!
Hi everyone! How is your week going? I’m so busy and so so tired, but surprisingly am enjoying it rather than feeling moody about it! I’m working 2.5 days a week, while going to uni 3 days, all 3 which are packed with work but you know what? It’s not too bad! I think going to work in between those days definitely helps because then I’m not doing the usual uni-home-uni-home routine =D Having said that, I still whinge that I have a lot to do haha. I don’t think that would ever change…until I graduate, maybe?
Anyway, enough blabber from me. My Uncle and his family went to Melbourne for Mum’s 50th birthday (errr…I will blog about that, promise!) and then came back to Perth for a few days following that. Basically, this means there was more feasting to be done (so much for detox after Melb!!).  

My cousins are…well, dustbins pretty much. The youngest one especially! They have like bottomless stomachs, it’s crazy. Anyway, so since they eat so much, we decided to go for a buffet. But I suggested Lapa Brazilian to Mum because (A) they like to eat meat, and (B) I wanted to go =P hahaha!

So, Lapa it was!

Lapa is a Brazilian Churrasco-style restaurant. They cook their meats on a rotisserie (or a rodizio) and the waiters come around to the table with the skewers of meat and serve you the meat from that.

There’s a glass window at the kitchen, through which you can see the guys skewering and roasting the meats. It’s really cool! The window is soundproof too I think, you can see the chefs speaking but you can’t hear what they are saying.

Their dining options are either a la carte, or the $49 endless feast, which means you pay $49 and eat all the meat you can fit in your stomach. I like to call it a “meat feast”. haha.

The meat feast comes with side dishes as well, including potato salad, garden salad, shoestring fries, braised black bean and pork, breaded bananas, plain rice, Brazilian cheese bread, and a trio of sauces (salsa, chimichurri, parmesan breadcrumbs).

The chimichurri here is AWESOME!! It’s just bursting with flavor and pairs really well with the meats, especially the lamb. The tomato salsa is a welcome burst of acidity to cut through the greasiness of the meat.


Oh, I should tell you about the meats, shouldn’t I? haha. There’s quite a large selection. Actually…HUGE! Are you ready?

Rump cap, garlic steak, black pepper steak, beef rib (carved tableside), beef rib fingers, southern Brazilian style kebab, whole rump, pork belly rib, pork scotch fillet, Brazilian sausage, lamb leg, chicken wings, chicken with cheese, garlic chicken, chilli chicken, chicken heart.

Whew…a lot of meat, right? I’m not sure about the usual availability but I’m pretty sure all types were available the night we went. I filled up on the beef and lamb since I have preference for those two but the chicken wings were popular on our table, as was the garlic chicken and Brazilian sausage.

My favourites? hmm…that’s a hard question! The lamb leg, chicken heart, beef rib fingers and the beef rib. Omgoodness they were all so good…like, “I’m too full to eat anything else, but still want more beef rib fingers” type of good =P haha. Being the Chinese carnivore I am, I actually asked for a beef rib…the normal-sized ones and the waiter/carver ever-so-kindly carved one off for me. So there I was, with a humungous beef rib on my plate…this is no time for knives and forks man…it was fingers all the way! =P haha

Anyway, I shall stop disturbing your mind with images of me chomping on a beef rib now.

If my post activated your salivary glands, then make your way to Lapa to experience this delicious meat feast yourself!

Lapa Brazilian BBQ – Subiaco
375 Hay Street,
(08) 9381 1323
*Reservations are highly recommended!*

Thanks for reading! ^^ Enjoy the rest of the day!


2 thoughts on “[Eating out]: Lapa Brazilian BBQ – Subiaco

  1. Oooh! How was spring feast? I had to work so couldn't make it this year…heard it wasn't as good though…? You def need to try Lapa, WenY! It's fantastic and it's a fun atmosphere with a bunch of friends too!


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