[Eating out]: Windsor Garden Cafe – South Perth

While writing these posts up, I noticed that I’ve been eating out A LOT this year!!! I didn’t even realize! haha. Anyway, we went here to celebrate my brother, JC’s, birthday this year.

Windsor Garden Café is attached to Windsor Hotel in South Perth. I had no idea this place even existed, eh!?! But that’s just the ignorant Northian in me =P

It’s kind of like pub food, but also not…? Not entirely sure how to describe it, so let me just show you the pics, yeah?

Seafood Salad

My Nan ordered the seafood salad, which came with smoked salmon, mussels, calamari on a bed of greens and dressed with thousand island sauce.

Rump steak

I can’t remember whose this was but I think it was the rump steak…maybe it was my other brother, GC’s because I know he ordered steak…

Sirloin steak 

Or…maybe this sirloin was his? LOL. Aaaah memory fails me.

Slow-cooked lamb shank w/red wine jus

I ordered the slow-cooked lamb shank….which wasn’t very slow-cooked. The meat didn’t completely fall off the bone and some bits were dry. The ‘steamed’ carrots and beans were pretty much raw, which didn’t bode well with my swollen wisdom tooth holes due to my recent extraction ><!! It was served with potato mash but the staff kindly allowed me to change it to sweet potato mash.

Fish of the day

Mum ordered the fish of the day…I’ve forgotten what fish it was. It was served on a bed of mash sweet potato.

Massive pizzas

We also ordered a few pizzas for the table, which were absolutely massive!!! We got supreme, 3 little piggies, angry prawn, margherita. I had the supreme one and it was really nice – the base was thin and chewy and there was an abundance of toppings too. I hate it when you order pizza at restaurants and they’re stingy with the toppings. As a not-so-big cheese fan, I did find that there was slightly too much cheese, but most people would be fine with it. We cleared the margherita, which prompted GC that his choice was the best but the rest we had to take home because it was just too much food. Did I mention the pizzas are huge? They’re at least 30cm diameter!

I’m glad I made a small cake for JC!! And it was lemon meringue as well, so the acidity was nice to cut through all the food we had consumed previously haha. I’m glad JC liked the cake too! Enjoyable birthday celebration =)

Just a note, they’ve changed the format of their food service. When we went, pizzas were also part of the restaurant menu but now it’s only part of the casual dining. To have the pizzas, you’ll have to sit outside closer to the pub rather than inside the restaurant.

The Windsor
112 Mill Point Road,
WA 6951
(08) 9474 2229
**They’re in the Perth Entertainment Book**

Thanks for reading! ^^ Have a nice day!


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