[CC Bakes]: Okara cake

I made soybean milk one day and had a lot of the pulp (okara) left over. My nan used to use to as compost for our garden, but now we use it to make mantou. Since we can use it to make mantou, I thought why not bake a cake with it? hehe.

This is one case where experimentation has gone completely smoothly! The cakes, despite okara being quite dense, were light and fluffy! I played around with my usual chiffon recipe and substituted this and that, and it worked!

They were like HK’s paper-wrapped sponge but with a slight nuttiness from the okara…kinda like tofu in cake form but less tofu-y…does that even make sense? haha.

Pretty fluffy!
If you have leftover soybean pulp from making soybean milk, this is a good way to use it! I’ve also scrambled it with eggs…which was interesting but I don’t think it would be to everyone’s liking haha.
Thanks for reading! ^^ Hope you enjoyed reading about my little experiment =P

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