[Eating out]: Bateman Chinese Malaysian Restaurant – Bateman

Crispy, fresh fried fish wings

Since I live north of the river, and have a preference for home-cooked food, I don’t really venture out to eat much, especially to places south of the river. That is, unless I am already down that way. I decided to take Mum and Dad out for dinner after uni one day…just a random spontaneous dinner treat for them.

Decided to check out Bateman Chinese Malaysian Restaurant after a recommendation (and saliva-inducing photo!) from a friend! The specialty here is the curry fish head – we love eating fish head, and Dad and I love curry fish head!

I was a bit surprised when they brought out a plate of deep-fried fish wings…I was expecting a pot with an entire fish HEAD. I was kinda looking forward to eating the eyes (yes, I’m weird like that) but it’s ok because the fish wings were extremely fresh! You wouldn’t expect it from a tiny little eatery like this but they were amazing….juicy, sweet and meaty!

Sambal spinach
We ordered a veg because we still need to stay healthy…except I think the sambal voided the “healthy” part =P The sambal was a little odd…tasty, but had a bit of a satay taste so we’re not sure if the waitress misheard us and wrote satay spinach on the order slip instead of sambal…?

Assam curry fish “head”
Finally, the curry came! They serve the curry separately from the fish wings, perhaps to keep the fish wings crunchy. We dumped some of the fish wings in so that it could absorb the curry. The curry is assam style instead of the thick coconut curry. I love assam style because it’s pungent with spices and has a slight sour tang to it. But alas, while it was nice, it wasn’t like the assam that I’ve had in Singapore and Malaysia =(

Preserved veg mei fun
Mum can’t actually take things that are too spicy, so we also ordered a preserved veg mei fun (rice noodles) so there was something to combat the spiciness. This was nice…just the usual plain soup and noodles. hehe.
Overall, a tasty dinner, despite not having an actual fish head =P They’ve got an extensive menu and there’s local Malaysian dishes on there so I definitely would like to go back and try them!
Definitely worth a try if you’re a fan of fish wings/curry/Malaysian and Singaporean cuisine.
Bateman Chinese Malaysian Restaurant
Unit 6/22 Parry Ave,
(08) 9332 0838
Thanks for reading! ^^ Hope you enjoyed this delicious post and have a great day! =) 


4 thoughts on “[Eating out]: Bateman Chinese Malaysian Restaurant – Bateman

  1. Yums! I liked this place too. I also ordered a black bean chili spare rib. It was oily but super noms! hehehe.

    If only the venue was bigger! Then we do not need to queue as much haha


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