[CC bakes]: Bacon & Cheese muffins

Before we bake in the heat!

My Dad is like a bacon fiend…no joke. It’s not like he eats HEAPS of it, but it’s like a bacon-hungry spirit takes over his body when he sees it on special at Woolworths and he buys a lot more than we can finish! 
After seeing the bacon countless times whenever I open the fridge door, I decided to just use it up and bake some savoury muffins for my family for breakfast. I rarely bake savoury muffins so it’s a bit of a weird thing for my family but in the end it’s still like bacon and eggs on toast…it has the carbs, has egg in it, and of course has bacon =P Don’t you agree? hehe.

Warm with a golden tan…

They were great! I mixed grated mozarella into the batter and sprinkled parmesan on the top before baking. They smelled amazing and the entire house was permeated with the smell of fresh bakes.

Look at those chunks of bacon! I cooked half the bacon beforehand so there was a bit more of a bite to the muffin. Oh and the green things are parsley and spring onion. Even my Mum ate this and she doesn’t like spring onion much =) hehehe.

I didn’t manage to use all the bacon…but at least, it reduced the quantity slightly…!?! haha.

Thanks for reading! ^^ Have a great Monday!


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