[Eating out]: Happy Meals Restaurant – Vic Park

Mum and I decided to have a girl’s night one night and decided to head to the Vic Park eating strip (yep, that’s what I call Albany Hwy) for dinner and a chat. Love these nights with Mum!

Now, for those who don’t live in Perth, or don’t frequent Vic Park much, there’s A LOT of food there. So so many restaurants along Albany Hwy, it’s so difficult to make up your mind! That’s exactly what happened to us on this night.

In the end, we decided on Happy Meals Restaurant because a friend said it was quite nice. It was pretty quiet the night we went…I think it was a Tuesday or Thursday night. But that made it so much easier for us to have a nice quiet chat =) haha

Seafood ‘wat dan’ horfun

When I saw “Chinese and Malaysian Cuisine” on the menu, I was so hoping they’d have some more distinctive Malaysian meals with all the spices and the chilli, but alas, not many. Oh well, in the end we ordered the seafood horfun which was quite nice. The horfun had the wok hei from being fried with soy sauce first, then topped with a more-ish eggy sauce which I couldn’t stop spooning into my bowl. It was slightly starchy though =\

Sambal spinach

We always order a veg when we eat out and today was sambal spinach. The spinach was quite nice…some bits were a bit old and hard to chew but it was mostly tasty and fresh. The sambal was good! It wasn’t the sweet kind and I love how there were chunks of har mei in it!

Goose web & vegetables claypot

Last dish was the goose web and vegetables claypot. This was nice, but a bit too salty for me and it’s a pity they didn’t use a real claypot =( The goose web was deliciously crunchy though and didn’t have that taste that indicates that it was over tenderized with bicarb soda.

We were so incredibly full after this! We had to da bao some home otherwise we’d have to roll out of the restaurant haha.

Although I had no major qualms about the food, I’m not too sure I’d go back here…there’s a lot of places along Albany Hwy that I still have yet to try! But it’s worth a try =)

Happy Meals Restaurant
786 Albany Hwy,
(08) 9470 6828

Thanks for reading!!! Have a great day! ^^


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