[Eating out]: Meet Fresh – Northbridge

Grand opening

Hello, Monday! The weekend, yet again, passed much too quick for my liking. Unfortunately didn’t get as much study done as I’d hoped, yet again, but my excuse is that I needed to recuperate and have fun after being ill for most of the past week =P 
Excuses excuses…
Anyway! let’s have something to sweeten up the Monday blues. 

Coming from HK, I’m a huge fan of Asian desserts. Sure, I love to eat cakes and pastries, but sometimes I just want a herbal jelly, or a tau fu fah, or a black sesame soup and so on. Living in Perth obviously doesn’t help much when these cravings hit since there is a severe lack of these specialty Asian dessert stores.
Luckily, when my cravings for a herbal jelly hit, I can now satisfy them at Meet Fresh, a Taiwanese chainstore that is most well-known for its herbal jelly and taro balls desserts. They also have a range of different drinks, as well as tau fu fah and now waffles! 
busy busy busy

The herbal jelly-taro balls dessert is gaining popularity at an exponential rate, and it’s hugely popular not only in its country of origin, Taiwan, but also other parts of Asia and now Australia it seems.

I happened to chance upon it one night after dinner with my Mum and younger brother, GC. There was a girl handing out flyers for it’s grand opening and we thought “Why not?”.

Wintermelon drink
GC ordered a wintermelon tea because he was going to have to help Mum and I finish our orders =P haha. The drink, he found, was interesting and quite nice (I think it was his first time having this). BUT, it was much too sweet. I could only manage one tiny sip, and even that made me cringe at the sweetness. 
Herbal jelly w/sago, taro balls and honey beans (hot)
Mum got the hot herbal jelly with honey beans, taro balls, and sago. I love herbal jelly, both hot and cold, and it was the first time Mum had it hot. It’s very liquid at first but then coagulates as you eat because it begins to cool down. Mum says it seems to increase in amount as you eat because of when it starts to coagulate and solidify =P haha. She was really full after this! The taro balls are one of the better ones I’ve had – not too chewy, but not too soft. The herbal jelly is nice! Very herbal, just the way I like it =)
Taro milk ice
I wanted the mango supreme ice, but GC doesn’t like mango and there was no way I was going to be able to finish it myself, since these ice are supposed to be enough for 2-3 people. So I opted for the yam one. It comes with yam pieces, red beans, a scoop of yam puree, all atop a mountain of crushed ice drizzled with milk and brown sugar syrup. This was nice, but nothing special. The ice is the chunky ice, rather than the fine shaved ice like what I have at Icey Ice. It was pretty sweet as well, since the beans were sweet, the yam pieces were sweet AND there was syrup. I still enjoyed it, but I did find it a bit too sweet and I actually wished the yam puree was a scoop of icecream instead. This is quite milky so steer clear if you’re not a fan of milk-based goods.
Ice taro balls combo

On another occasion, Mum tried taro ball specials – this one with sago, mung bean, and lotus seeds (because I wanted lotus seed haha). This is a mountain of ice, with the respective toppings atop it. They also give you a small UHT milk which you drizzle over, but Mum doesn’t like milk so it’s left alone.

Tau fu fah w/red beans (hot)

My aunty joined us this time, and got the tau fu fah (warm) with red beans, while I got it with barley. I like the tau fu fah here! It’s not as smooth as the ones in HK, but there’s a strong soybean flavour which earns lots of plus points from me =) Although the syrup is already ladled into the bowl, I didn’t find it too sweet, which is good because then I can truly taste the soybean rather than just sugar. On the downside, they were a little stingy with the toppings for this =(

Tau fu fah w/barley (hot)

Clearly, we are a fan of Meet Fresh, given that we’ve been back numerous times. I’ve heard some people say the quality has dropped, but I haven’t really found that to be a problem. Perhaps I might just have to go more often to get more observations of this =P haha.

It’s definitely worth a try if you’re a fan of these Asian desserts! It’s also a pretty cool place just to hang out with friends, and share a dessert or two =)

Now, I just need a Hui Lau Shan here. hehe.

Meet Fresh
Unit 7A/109 James St,

Thanks for reading! ^^ Have a happy Monday!


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