[CC Bakes]: Peanut butterrrr…and chocolate!

Match made in heaven
What do you do when you see Reese’s PB cups lying around at home? BAKE! haha. I made this PB and chocolate cake because there was a pack of PB cups in our house. My sister got them, but then didn’t want them (yeah, doesn’t make much sense to me) and though I’m addicted to PB, I don’t like the PB in the cups anymore because they’re not peanutty enough for me =Pย 
Anyway, there was A LOT of cups in this…I chopped some up and mixed it with the batter, then I topped the cake with some more prior to baking.ย 

I also added a bit of chopped dark chocolate. This is definitely not a cake you would eat when you’re on a diet! haha. Unless you count the wholewheat flour as healthy? Though I think it’s voided in this case =P

I reduced the sugar in the cake since there was so much chocolate in it, so it wasn’t actually too sweet. Warm it slightly in the microwave and you have some molten chocolate and PB…yummmm…

Have a happy Tuesday, everyone!

Thanks for reading! ^^


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