[Eating out]: The Bonsai – Northbridge

The Bonsai
I’m a huge lover of Japanese food – I love the simple, clean flavours that allow the main ingredients to shine. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of great Japanese restaurants, and I only go to a handful of them. I headed to The Bonsai with Mum and my younger brother, GC one night.
The Bonsai is a fusion Japanese restaurant. The menu is quite extensive, and you may have a hard time deciding what to order. But fret not, the dishes are quite small (a la tapas style) so you can grab a bunch of friends or your family and try out different dishes. The downside is that it can be quite pricey =P

Scallop, salmon, salmon roe

We ordered a few dishes to share amongst all of us. I absolutely love raw scallops so couldn’t resist ordering this. The sashimi were plump and fresh, but alas, the sauce overpowered it too much and covered most of the sashimi’s natural sweetness.

gyuu tataki
Tender, lightly seared beef…it doesn’t just sound good, it IS good! haha. The beef was nice, though some parts were slightly chewy. I like the use of the leek as garnish, but the sauce was much too salty in my opinion.
Seaweed (wakame) salad
This is my mum’s favourite here – it’s just a salad with some wakame and the konnyaku strips in it mixed with fresh greens. The greens were fresh and the addition of the wanton crisps (extra cost applied) added another texture. 
I’m generally not a fan of deep-fried foods and I found the calamari to be quite oily. I did like the addition of the nori in the batter though. 
Honey pork ribs
Can’t actually remember what the ribs were actually called, but basically it was a sweet-salty sauce. The ribs were quite tender, but the sauce was super-salty! Definitely would need a bowl of rice with this!
One of my and mum’s favourite when we go for Japanese food! The unagi here was sufficiently fatty without being overly oily. It was plump and flavoursome, but unfortunately the sauce was again much too overpowering. It was too salty, and there was too much of it.
Many people have given this place rave reviews, but I don’t know..it just doesn’t stand out for me. I do have to add that I’m not a fan of fusion Japanese food though – I much prefer traditional and straight-up Japanese food like what I had on my trip last year. Why? Well, I find that the additional sauces/cooking methods spoil one’s ability to really taste the main component of the dish.  Like there’s “new-age” sashimi now which is sashimi doused in sauce (similar to the scallop/salmon dish) and the sauce overpowers the freshness of the sashimi sometimes. I enjoy trying it, but I prefer traditional Japanese when I crave for this type of cuisine =)
It was of course a very enjoyable dinner though, because of my mum’s and GC’s company, but I wouldn’t choose The Bonsai as first-choice.

The Bonsai
30 Roe Street,
WA 6003
(08) 9227 5756
*Bookings recommended as it does get quite crowded*
*They are in the Perth Entertainment Book* 

Thanks for reading! ^^ Have a great day!

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