[Eating out]: Emma’s Seafood Restaurant – Vic Park

Good Monday morning, everyone! It’s 1st July today!! Wow, in a blink of an eye, half of 2013 has already passed. Quick, isn’t it? Hope everyone has had a fantastic first half of the year, and that 2013 will be better yet! I sure hope the latter half of the year will be less tiring and stressful for me…but I’m not sure if that’s possible given my workload =(
Anyway! I went out for dinner one night with Mum, Dad and my Aunty after running some errands with them. We were in Vic Park so headed to the Albany Hwy food strip (hehe, that’s what I call it) and my Aunty recommended Emma’s Seafood because of the pig intestine and chicken herbal soup they have (pictured above).
It was a pretty chilly night so the soup was a perfect order! Intense white peppercorn taste to warm the stomach and body and plenty of herbs. However, the herbs weren’t cooked enough – the dang gui was still rock solid, as if they had only just put it in, the yu zhu was a little too crunchy and the wai saan was pretty much still in it’s dried form. I’m guessing they already boil the soup with the herbs and because it still had herbal taste, but just add additional ones in upon ordering…? I’m not sure but I hope so! It was still good though and I quite enjoyed it…plus I LOVE soup and pig intestine! haha.


Salted fish & chicken fried rice

We also ordered salted fish and chicken fried rice. This was quite nice, and I could actually see (and eat) bits of salted fish! A lot of times, the pieces are so tiny you question whether there really is any. Wok hei was quite good, though the rice was a bit oily for my liking.

Sambal kang kong
Must eat our vegetables! We ordered sambal kang kong since we rarely eat sambal at home. This was nice! Sambal was a little watery, but had the flavours and lots of dried shrimp in this one. YUM!
Nice simple dinner. Apparently the soup is getting more stingy now – the liu is less but for same price. Oh well, it was worth a try. The restaurant does dim sum as well, but I’ve never tried because I’m a sucker for Golden Century in Northbridge =P hehe.
Emma’s Seafood Restaurant
886 Albany Highway,
(08) 9479 2238
Thanks for reading! ^^ Enjoy your first day of July, everyone!!


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