[CC bakes]: Tiramisu garden


Happy Friday, everyone!! Can you believe it’s the end of yet another week? I don’t even know where time went this week! I’ve been so busy, running about from one meeting to another. Had 6 hours of meetings on Wednesday! Had to scoff down my lunch during one of them too hehe. 
Anyway, here’s something pretty for us to look at on this cold Friday morning =) Well, it’s cold in Perth…hehe. 

May was a craaaaaazy month of birthdays! My nan’s, brother’s and my aunty’s. All within the same 2 weeks! I was so busy and naturally, you could just buy a cake…but where’s the fun in that, right? So, I made all 3 cakes! I’ve already shown you about my nan’s one and this one here is the one I made for my aunty! 

I asked my aunty what cake she’d like and she requested tiramisu! So…tiramisu it was!

So dainty and poised…hehe. 
Mum and my aunty went out for lunch together one Sunday to celebrate – this is their little tradition. They treat each other to lunch or dinner for their birthdays =) Anyway, so since it was only the two of them, I didn’t want to make too big of a cake so this cake is in fact only about 12cm diameter. It looked SO CUTE! 
I pretty much used the same recipe I used for this, but this time added oreo crumbs on top to make it look like soil for my ‘garden’. I lined the cake with melted dark chocolate to make it the ‘pot’. Initially I wanted to actually put it in a little pot, but then you can’t cut it and in my opinion, you MUST cute a birthday cake =P hehe.
Anybody want some?
And this is what happens when you don’t want leftover cream in your fridge…3 tubs of leftover tiramisu =.=’ It was gooooooood though! haha. But I gave a tub to my brother to bring to his church friends, one to his gf, and left one for dad.

My aunty really liked it, which is most important – it was a tad rich for Mum, and the two couldn’t finish it after their epic lunch so my aunty took it home for the next day =) 

Thanks for reading! ^^ Have a happy Friday, everyone and enjoy the weekend!


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