Life in little boxes


Good morning everyone!! I have finally finished exams, so have a tiny bit of time to finally write up a post. Many apologies for my sporatic posting in the last few months! Things have been extremely hectic with uni and work. It was tiring, mentally, emotionally and physically. I’m just glad semester is over and I can finally concentrate on things other than running around to classes and completing assignments!

Anyway! here’s a little snippet of things that I’ve been cooking and eating in the past couple of months – I haven’t had time to do proper setups for my photos when I bake/cook something so all of these are taken from my instagram account (@cscc28). Really hope I can get back to my blogging routine and take my camera around more often!

In the collage above, you’ll see some bread, cookies, soup, cake and some cooked dishes. May was an absolutely crazy month! I had 3-4 deadlines one after the other, plus I made 3 birthday cakes! It was so stressful! haha. Made a matcha red bean cake for my Nan, torched lemon meringue cake for my older brother JC and a tiramisu cake for my aunty (not pictured). It was all good though because everyone enjoyed the cakes and it was homemade with love =D

Taiwanese zhong given by a friend…so yummy!
Did everyone remember to eat lots of zhong for the dragonboat festival? We usually make sweet Northern Chinese style ones which are pretty much a lump of rice + red beans + red dates dotted through. But I absolutely loooooove the salty ones and the ones with red bean paste. This is the only salty one I got my hands on though! I want to try make some, even though the festival has passed =P haha. 
Healthy snacks!
Exam study was irritating me, and I was so bored that I reached for too many unhealthy foods and just mindlessly snacked. So I made more healthy snacks with fruit and yoghurt (or a smoothie) and took time to plate them nicely to post on IG =)
Post-exam dinner celebration
Once exams were done, I wasted no time to finally properly sit down for dinner and take my time to enjoy my food (instead of having to rush back to study!). I had dinner the night after my exam with mummy and my aunty…ate salted egg yolk snow crab at Northbridge Chinese Restaurant (which is, hands down, the best place to have this dish in Perth!). Also ordered salted fish sizzling tofu and dao miu in superior stock. Yummy yummy =) 
Anyway so that’s a short update on what I’ve been up to! If you’ve got IG too, follow me! @cscc28 
Thanks for reading! ^^ Have a great Monday and enjoy your week!

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