[CC bakes]: Happy Birthday, Dad!

Creme patissiere, caramelised granny smiths, and cream…
Hello all!! Do you remember me? I have been incredibly lax in my blogging (*hangs head in shame*) and I do apologise for it!! Profusely!! I’ve just been way too busy with uni, and trust me, I would love to just have that little bit of free time to give you guys more frequent posts! Even now, I’m procrastinating from exam study because I don’t know where to begin studying for this unit ><! 
Anyway! What you see in the above photo are the main components of the birthday cake I made for my incredibly talented Dad. Buuuuut…what is the cake? 

Dad absolutely LOVES the Corica apple strudel…layers of flaky pastry with creme patissiere, cream and apples. So….I decided to adapt that and make it into a round cake! 
I used frozen puff pastry. One day I WILL make my own puff pastry, I am adamant of that, but given my extreme time constraints I barely even had time to make a cake at all.
The apples were simple – I actually find Corica’s ones a little too mushy so I kept mine a bit on the harder side, and of course not as sweet. I think the layers went a bit like this…puff, creme pat, apples, puff, cream, apples, puff creme pat, cream, apples, puff, cream, raspberries. It was pretty big. I added the raspberries on top as an attempt to beautify it, and some candied almonds to provide some texture =) 
My sister also said it was better than Corica’s =P YAY! haha. But the most important thing is that Dad loved it. I always get a fuzzy warm feeling when I see my loved ones enjoying the food I make them =D So corny! haha.
Anyway, hope you had a fantastic night, Dad! I know sometimes I get annoyed at you, especially when I’m tired and stressed but I love you heaps! ❤ This cake is specially designed by me only for you and I'm glad you enjoyed it! Wish you the best of health for many many more birthdays! 
Thanks for reading! ^^ Enjoy the rest of your day!! 

2 thoughts on “[CC bakes]: Happy Birthday, Dad!

  1. Are you a Singaporean student at UWA (guessing your uni is UWA)? Got the Singaporean part by guessing from the post on Prima Taste prawn mee packets. I really like your blog 🙂 esp all the Singaporean/Malaysian foods!


  2. Hi Anonymous! Thanks for dropping by! I'm not Singaporean but I can never resist the food! haha. My friends get never-ending complaints from me that I feel like durain, chay tow kuih, popiah, chwee kiuh, nonya kuih and so on and so on =P haha.

    Are you Singaporean?


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