Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!!
To all mothers out there, young and old, wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day!!
Hope you enjoy this day, reserved specially for you, with your family & loved ones. Hope the happy memories bring a wide smile upon your face when you think back on this day. 
To my own mother, I know you don’t read my blog (or any, in fact! haha), but I just want to express my love and gratitude to you. This past 1.5 years has been very difficult and stressful for me, both due to uni stressors and personal stressors. You have never failed to take the time to come and talk to me to take my mind off things, to talk to me about the stressors and help me overcome them. 
Thank you, Mum, for being there for me when I most needed you, not just recently but all my life. Thank you, for your time, love and support. This sounds cliche, but in my mind, you really are the best, and most admirable mother. Hope you enjoy the lunch we have planned today!!
I love you ❤

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