[CC bakes]: Carrot cake

This is what happens when you talk about wanting carrot cake for weeks and one of your officemates enjoys baking! haha.

One of my officemates loves carrot cake. She rarely eats sweets but one thing she cannot resist is carrot cake – it’s definitely her favourite, and it’s possibly the only cake she’ll eat a whole piece of! She was hankering for carrot cake for weeks and weeks, so I decided to bake one for her one day. I just turned up to uni with the cake and she was so shocked! haha. She loved it. She shared it around the building but it was quite a big cake so she took the rest home.

Smothered and sandwiched with a thick layer of cream cheese frosting

I tried out a different recipe for this one and there was like 5 cups of carrots in this, which made it very moist! I prefer my other recipe because it’s a lighter cake, but this was still nice. I can’t remember where the recipe is from though!

I’m glad she liked it..hehe. It’s not everyday you come back to your office after lunch and your officemate presents you with an entire carrot cake, is it? haha!

Thanks for reading! ^^ Enjoy the rest of the day!


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