[CC bakes]: Another matcha cake!

Hi everyone! How was your weekend? Mine was so jam-packed with things to do. I’ve got 2 research essays to write…one of which is due next week…which…I have yet to start! ><! STRESS!

But, there’s always time to bake! haha. Not really, but will make time to bake for my family. I made this for my Nan’s birthday on Saturday! Matcha adzuki cake! I changed ideas quite a few times with the type of cake to make for her this year. Last year I made a pandan longan cake – but this year because I’m so busy with uni, my mind was filled with all sorts of ideas and I just couldn’t seem make my mind up. I finally decided on this combination =)

So the main 3 components were adzuki paste, matcha chiffon sponge, and matcha creme patissiere. I also covered the sides with toasted almond flakes which actually went pretty well with the flavours, though it was mainly my way to cover up the ugly sides =P

I think we were all too full for dinner! I made a small cake only, but still we could only finish half of it at most! haha. But my Aunty took some home for her friends to share =)

All the components were homemade because I prefer to have a handle on the sweetness factor since we do not like things too sweet. The creme patissiere was unfortuantely slightly runny this time though so the top layer was actually precariously perched and as the cake ‘warmed’ to room temperature from the fridge, the top layer risked sliding off because of the weight of the adzuki paste on top.

But overall, we all enjoyed the cake. Matcha and adzuki are like a match made in heaven so the flavours went very well – and this cake definitely wasn’t lacking any matcha flavour =P hehe.

I used the same chiffon recipe as before, and the creme patissiere recipe was the same as the one I used here. The adzuki paste was simple – just cook the red beans until they are just cooked, add some gula melaka or rock sugar until desired sweetness and puree it =)

I’ll be submitting this to this month’s Aspiring Baker’s #30 theme, “It’s tea-time”, hosted by Food Playground.

Thanks for reading! ^^ Have a nice day!


8 thoughts on “[CC bakes]: Another matcha cake!

  1. What a lovely cake to share with family. 🙂 Matcha and adzuki is one of my favorite flavor combination. My family loves desserts that are not overly sweet too. I love your finishing touch of toasted almonds on the side. Make the cake look very elegant.


  2. Thank you, Amy! It's so hard to stick the toasted almonds on the side though..I really wonder how cake stores do it so neatly and beautifully. haha.


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