[CC bakes]: It’s not pandan, but it’s still green…

And so continues my chiffon-baking adventure! As I mentioned, I love chiffon cakes – a lot of people are daunted by them because of the fragile nature of the egg whites, and granted mine definitely do not always come out nice and fluffy. But…that doesn’t stop me from trying! haha…in search of perfection =P

This time, I decided to bake a matcha chiffon cake! Matcha is one of my favourite flavours so I’ve made it a point to try make more matcha-based desserts whenever I can. Plus, my younger brother loves matcha and I know he will gladly eat my bakes if I made it matcha =P

The recipe is exactly the same as my earl grey chiffon cake – just that I omitted the earl grey tea leaves, and added 1.5tbsp of matcha powder instead.
 Standing tall…ready to be eaten!
I think next time I make a chiffon cake, I will beat the egg whites a little longer near the end on low speed to stabilise the air bubbles. What do you guys think? I think it should result in a softer cake…? Maybe that’s also why I have so much difficulty with swiss rolls!
What’s next for chiffons, I wonder? I really want to try a chai spice one day! But that will have to wait until I finish tackling these assignments T_T Things keep getting added to my already-packed uni schedule! ><!

I’ll be submitting this to this month’s Aspiring Baker’s #30 theme, “It’s tea-time”, hosted by Food Playground.
Thanks for reading!! ^^ Have a happy Friday and a fantastic weekend!

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