[Eating out]: Phong Vinh – Northbridge

Condiments & tea

Wow…this is such a belated post it’s not even funny. I am actually having trouble comprehending how long ago I ate here with CT for one of our monthly meet-ups! haha. ooooops!

Anyway, we were both feeling like something soup-y (as usual hehe) but we decided to venture away from our usual Japanese/Korean choices and made our way to Phong Vinh for some Vietnamese fare. Just as well we both hadn’t been here before and wanted to try it out.

Iced coconut juice
The warm weather calls for some iced drinks! I was super craving something with coconut like a chendol-like drink, but I knew I would be too bloated with a bowl of noodles AND a creamy drink. So I opted for simple iced coconut juice. Not entirely sure if it’s just poured from the can, but it tasted good and the extra coconut strips were soft and fleshy. Definitely satiated my thirst!

Iced longan drink
CT ordered the iced longan drink which was very fragrant, and packed with longan! It was a little sweet for me, but she enjoyed it.

Now, what about our food? 

Raw beef horfun
Whenever I ate at a Vietnamese restaurant, I usually ordered a combination noodles with the chewy noodles but now I almost always order the raw beef pho (horfun) when I’m out. I absolutely love the medium-rare beef and this bowl of noodles is what I use to gauge whether I like their soup base and noodles. 
This bowl definitely didn’t disappoint. The soup had all the amazing umami beef-y goodness. It was a little bit salty for me, but I take very little salt in general so it would most probably be normal for most people. The beef slices were very tender and not fatty at all. I, of course, topped the bowl with a mountain of mint, chilli, beansprouts and a squeeze of lemon. This just made it even better =) I also love how they put all the coriander in there too!
Braised beef horfun

CT ordered the braised beef pho which was quite packed with carrots, beef tendon, beef tripe and brisket. The brisket was incredibly soft, as was the tendon. It was soft yet still maintained a nice chew. Although the pho and the beef items were quite nice, CT felt there was something lacking in this and said it wasn’t as nice as another place she had been to. She still enjoyed it though. 
We were extremely full from these noodles. I couldn’t actually finish all my pho, but I think that’s because I couldn’t help eating all the beef and the mint, beansprouts, and so on because I just love eating vegetables so much. haha. 
What a great night! The food was good, the company and conversation was great! It was a fantastic way to take a break, and it’s always awesome to meet up with CT. She was filling me in on her new boyfriend! Well, more like I was interrogating her =P Where did you meet? How? When? What does he do? How old is he? haha. And more. haha. I was so excited! He’s an amazing guy for her, and she definitely deserves someone like that. 
I just can’t help feeling this warm happy feeling when I see my friends glowing with happiness! What about you? 
Phong Vinh
Unit 3/323 William St,
Thanks for reading! ^^ 

6 thoughts on “[Eating out]: Phong Vinh – Northbridge

  1. I love vietnamese food. When it comes to great pho, Phong Vinh is definitely one of the top places that come to mind! First still belongs to Tra Vinh haha.


  2. Oh, that's great to hear! I want to try the other dishes and their drinks/iced desserts too!

    I had a bad experience with the innards at Tra Vinh once – not cooked well at all, so a little apprehensive about that place. hehe


  3. OMG undercooked innards sounds like a recipe for disaster @@! In fact I try to stay away from it. Cannot imagine poorly cooked ones! Also, I was actually informed that the owners are related haha.


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