[Eating out]: Kailis Bros. – Leederville

Kailis Bros. Interior
When my Dad was in HK last November, I kept Sundays free to spend with Mum since Sundays are usually just left with us 3. We usually like to just head out somewhere for lunch, or for dinner. This time it was lunch and Mum felt like chilli mussels so GC and I decided to head to Kailis Bros. Fish Market & Cafe in Leederville.
I hadn’t been there before, and we were going to my sister SC’s new house to help her paint her walls so this was perfect since she lives in Leederville! hehe. 

Since the fresh fish market is attached to the cafe, you have the option of choosing a fish and asking them to cook it the way you like, which I think it an interesting concept. We didn’t go for this option though, and instead ordered a few dishes to share amongst us all.

Let’s have a look at what we chose, shall we?

 Garlic bread
First off was some garlic bread to share. Speckled with garlic and parsley, the garlic bread had adequate garlic taste. But unfortunately it was too oily and slightly too toasted for my liking. I like it to have chewy crust, but this was very toasted and thus quite crispy.

Chilli mussels with bread
Of course we had to order the chilli mussels! haha. The mussels were extremely fresh and plump – definitely hit the spot for Mum and I (GC doesn’t like mussels). While the mussels were fresh, the sauce was lacking a bit. It was nice, but a bit one-dimensional. It didn’t give me that kick that really ‘wowed’ me. It was quite salty as well – I’m thinking maybe it was because of the brine from the mussels, or so I hope! There was also bread on the side for us to mop up the sauce.

Grilled whole flounder
Omgoodness this was my favourite of the meals! The flounder was SO fresh! And guess what? There were eggs as well, on both sides of the fish. Fat thick pouches of egg! It was so good and definitely the right thing to order. Even GC who doesn’t like fish much ate about half of this! It was grilled with a lemon-based marinade, but I can’t remember what it was called anymore. This was MUCH better than the one at Bistro Felix

Salt & Pepper Squid
If there’s salt and pepper squid on the menu, then it’ll be on our table. It’s a must-order for GC. It’s like his eyes are trained to target this item…haha! This was quite nice – the squid, like the mussels and flounder, were very fresh but it was just a tad oily. It came with a ‘thai-style salad’, which wasn’t thai at all. First of all, there was Japanese seaweed salad on it, and it was just soy sauce…no thai flavours in it at all. Still, it was nice.
The small round dish in the centre was an eggplant relish which was really good.

Our full table! We finished everything!
It was a fantastic lunch with Mum and GC! Once again, Mum wouldn’t let me pay again…I will  succeed one day! But I’m glad everyone enjoyed all the food. I certainly did! If you want fresh seafood, this is the place to go. I think it’s worth a try if you haven’t been before =)
It’s a good thing I was helping SC paint her house afterwards, because I was so full! Needed the ‘exercise’ to digest! haha.
Kailis Bros. Fish Market & Cafe
101 Oxford St,
(08) 9443 6300
Thanks for reading! ^^ Have a great weekend, everyone!!! 


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