[CC bakes]: Specially for my sister…

It’s Friday everyone!! In a way, I am thankful because it means I only have a few more days of hard-core study left. But at the same time, worrying because my exam is looming ever to closer and I feel so unprepared =(

So, here’s some cake to end the week and kick off the weekend! hehe. I made this Tiramisu cake for my sister, SC’s birthday last December. She’s a huge fan of tiramisu and I have always wanted to try make it so this was the perfect opportunity! I used Wendy’s tiramisu recipe (who adapted it from Swee San – an awesome baker!) and it was great!! I used vanilla chiffon as the cake layers, and reduced the sugar because I grated dark chocolate in between the layers too. It was pretty fiddly, especially the border of chocolate sticks BUT totally worth it!

We finished the cake that very night, and everyone loved it! Most importantly, SC loved it! I was so happy…we don’t have the best sisterly relationship which pains me so, but I guess you always have those differences between siblings. I’m just glad she liked something I handmade for her that was filled with love =)

Thanks for reading!! Have a fantastic weekend! 


6 thoughts on “[CC bakes]: Specially for my sister…

  1. This is a gorgeous cake and your sister is so lucky to have you make her a cake to celebrate her b-day. 🙂

    Best of luck with your exam. I'm sure you're going to do just fine.


  2. Good luck with your exams and remember, attitude is everything, so stay positive and I'm sure you'll be fine.
    Now on the matter of the cake, it's sooooooo pretty, I'd be happy to celebrate my birthday with it 🙂


  3. Thanks, Sonia! It took SO LONG to put together! haha. But totally worth it – and to see/hear my sister say it was really good was such a great feeling!


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