[Eating out]: Bistro Felix – Subiaco

Hi everyone!!!! How have you been? I’m so busy at uni lately, I haven’t been home much. I usually stay at uni to do work until late at night and only get home at 10:30pm, by which time most of my family have slept already. Well, most of them…except Mum, who stays up to make sure I’ve gotten home safely =)
So since I’ve been so busy, Mum and I haven’t had the chance to go on our massage and dinner dates! I am actually hankering for a massage.

Though there was no massage, Mum and I had a spontaneous dinner date a couple of weeks ago. I had messaged her to tell her about some exclusive sales at Myer and she asked if I was planning to go that night and that she can pick me up from uni and have dinner together…just us mother and daughter =D 
Now, I was planning to stay at uni to do work but given that it’s been a while since our last dinner date, and that I’ve barely seen Mum lately, I decided to take the night off so I can have a good time with Mum =) So she came to uni to pick me up, then we headed for our date =D
 Complimentary sourdough

The bread was served cold, but had a good crust. You can get another piece…if you want to pay $1.50 per piece =.=’ I gave Mum mine since she quite liked it. I still think the bread at Rockpool and Modo Mio are much nicer.

Beef tartare, potato chips, microsalad

First time eating this. I wanted to try. It was delicious – sourish, sweetish, herbs and I’m sure there was mustard in there too. The egg yolk topped it off but then again, I’m addicted to eggs so I’m biased =P Since it’s my first time, I don’t know what beef tartare is supposed to be like but I felt this was slightly dense as I ate. The latter half was a bit sticky and while still appetising and fragrant, I couldn’t help but think maybe some more liquid could loosen it up?

Spatchcock, honey vanilla, jus, cauliflower gratin.

This was our favourite dish. The spatchcock was cooked well and remained juicy. The vanilla wasn’t overpowering nor was the honey too sweet. The cauliflower gratin and the jus added the much-needed salty component to balance everything out, though it was slightly too salty. Probably a little too much on the plate too.

Sole meuniere (whole roasted flathead in butter lemon caper sauce)
This was our least favourite of the night. The fish was fairly fresh, but a bit bland and dry. The one we had at Kailis Bros. for lunch one time was much much better. 
Now sole meuniere is the name of the dish. According to Wikipedia, it’s a French dish and I had no idea because the waitstaff just described it as “oven-roasted flathead with a butter lemon caper sauce”. I had no idea this was a specific dish in France, but regardless of that, the fish was not cleaned properly. That is, there were scales…many scales…all over the skin. In fact, it was as if it was even cleaned at all. We love eating fish with the skin but this was just so scaly, we scraped it off since we didn’t want to hassle with spitting the scales out.  This is also probably why it was quite bland as well.
I told the waitress and she commented it was unfortunate, and that she’d tell the chef. I mentioned it at the cashier and was told this is the way of cooking because if you take the skin off it doesn’t look nice – I think he misunderstood my comment because the problem was not having the skin on, but rather, the skin not properly cleaned. Plus, if you’re using fillets, then it won’t necessarily have skin right? 
In addition, though it was “roasted” I actually think it was panfried. There was a crunch to the fish head and the skin that I don’t believe would really be achievable if you’re just roasting it. But I could be wrong, I guess.
Vanilla pannacotta, burnt caramel, strawberries

This was good – the pannacotta was nice and wobbly and was smooth. The ‘burnt caramel’ was just caramel…wasn’t too exciting. The strawberries weren’t too sweet, but that was good because the pannacotta was sweet and along with the caramel, I need something to cut through it all. Perhaps some raspberries or even orange would have been more suitable to cut through the sweetness.  It was good, definitely satsified my dessert craving, but nothing I would run back for as it got quite cloying.

Since Bistro Felix is regarded as fine dining, the prices are quite exorbant, particularly the desserts. We’re lucky we had the gold entertainment card which gave us some discount, but definitely not a place I’d really hanker to return to. The food quality just didn’t really seem to cut it for the price.

Nevertheless, it was such a great night with Mum and I’m so glad I made a change in my plans. We were pretty full from the food. I hardly eat that much now because sometimes got no appetite =( so I was super full. We ended up window shopping around Subi for a little walk then had a nice long conversation on the drive home =)

I love these small outings with my Mum!!! I love my Mum, period!!! What kind of things do you do/miss doing with your Mum or both parents?

Bistro Felix
118 – 120 Rokeby Road,
(08) 9388 3077 *I recommend reservations, especially for large tables*

Thanks for reading! ^^ Have a great day!

**PS. All photos taken with iPhone 5 and have been brightened, due to extreme lack of lighting in the restaurant**


2 thoughts on “[Eating out]: Bistro Felix – Subiaco

  1. Thanks for your comment, WenY!! Whenever I go back to HK with Mum, we also have the best breakfasts! haha.

    Yeah I don't think I'll be rushing back to Felix anytime soon =S Have a nice day!


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