[Eating out]: Voyage Cafe II – Sorrento

Layers and layers of ingredients…
Hi hi!! Hope everyone is enjoying their Easter weekend! It’s a long weekend in Perth, which does not bode well for my study since I get too distracted at home! haha. Been baking a bit which I’ll share with you guys in another post, yah? Meanwhile, here’s a lunch I had with GC one sunny day! Although I very much prefer homecooked food, it was too beautiful a day to pass up so we headed out for lunch!
We didn’t want to head too far since I was quite tired and had a terrible day the day before this lunch, so we decided to go to Voyage Cafe, which is just down the road from me…about a 10min walk! We drove though =.=’ But only because we were going to go shopping after lunch! haha.
Dips & turkish bread to share
It was pretty crowded but luckily we only had 2 people and thus scored a table in no time. Plus, it was outdoor too! So we go the best of the beautiful weather =)
We ordered 3 dishes between the two of us. We got a turkish bread + dips to share. I can’t remember exactly what the dips were – one was a olive-based one and one was a lemon-based one. I adored the olive one – I actually wanted a bowl of olives but GC doesn’t like olives so this dip was good to satisfy my craving! GC preferred the lemon dip, which I actually didn’t favour much so it was a good combo! haha.

GC ordered the Voyage club, which is an open-faced sandwich with chicken, rocket, tomato, aoili, avocado and a poached egg. It also comes with a small bowl of wedges. GC said this was very nice and extremely filling! The wedges were a slight disappointment though (they were soggy) and we didn’t end up finishing them.

Persian fattoush 
I felt like something fresh since it was a warm day so I ordered the Persian fattoush which is like a chopped salad. It was HUGE! Definitely a lot bigger than I expected! In it was cucumber, red  capsicum, green apple, radish, pita bread croutons, parsley, pomegranate and a sumac dressing. I don’t like fetta cheese so I asked for it to be on the side rather than in the salad itself. This was an interesting salad – I loved the crunch and the sweetness from the pomegranate but I would have preferred a bit more spice. I would also like for there to be less oil though which should be because of the dressing. Nevertheless, a nice salad that is different to the usual ones you see out there =)
We were both so full after the lunch! I had to take away some of the salad! I added more things to it and made it lunch for Dad and I the next day =P hehe. Then we headed to go shopping! We didn’t buy anything, but it was still good to just walk around.
Thanks for reading! ^^ Have a great Easter Monday!!

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