[CC bakes]: Chocolate overload

 Chocolate surprise whole-wheat muffins

We had A LOT of chocolate left over at home. Opened toblerone, and opened bar of milk chocolate and lindor balls from CNY. Now, that’s fine for a chocolate lover I guess but with the amount of food we have at home anyway, even a chocolate-loving family wouldn’t have time to get to the chocolate!

So…I baked them. Yes, it’s a waste to bake lindor balls I think, given their price, but the hot weather in Perth was making them so soft that every time I picked one up to put in Mum’s lunchbox, it would become deformed. Correction, I didn’t even have to pick it up – simply touching it as I put my hand in the box would deform it already!

Whole-wheat chocolate oatmeal cookies
I made chocolate muffins with the lindor balls hidden in the centre – when you eat them warm, it’s like a fondant cake. I didn’t eat it with icecream but I suspect that would also be quite delicious. The toblerone and milk chocolate went into the chocolate oatmeal cookies.

There were a lot of goodies and sharing is caring, right? I got my brother JC to bring some to share with his friends at church and he said everyone enjoyed them =D I love it when people enjoy the things I bake/cook. It’s such a nice feeling, don’t you think? hehe.

Thanks for reading! ^^ Enjoy your day, everyone!


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