Finally…the Bourke St adventure!

 Beef brisket pie

I was in Sydney a couple of weeks ago for work and on the way to Darling Harbour for one last work-related errand on the day of our departure, I was adamant to make my way to Bourke St Bakery. I wasn’t going to take no for an answer on this one. Why? Well, my siblings bought me the recipe book for my birthday last year and I wanted to taste the real thing to see what the recipe would turn out like, and the ginger brulee tart was on the top of my list.

It’s very simple to get to the bakery from Central station (more details to follow), tiring with a suitcase in tow on an uphill street, PLUS a heavy backpack…but…

it was all worth it.

It was a weekday and we got there about 9:30am so there wasn’t too much of a line, though in the hour or so we were there, people were constantly coming and going! It is famous after all.

 Ginger brulee tart, lemon curd tart

I, of course, am there for the sweets. Slightly unhealthy for breakfast but hey, how often am I going to visit the bakery for this? Once a year at most! So a little indulgence every now and then is fine. Plus, Dad and I worked so hard the past week, it’s our reward.

The ginger brulee tart…one word…A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I’m not kidding. It’s spicy, it’s smooth, it’s bitter, it’s not too sweet which I LOVE, it’s crunchy…the play of flavours and textures in your mouth is seriously orgasmic. One of the best tarts I’ve had. The tart base is pretty hard to ‘cut’ with a spoon, but it wasn’t because it was too thick. In fact, it was quite a thin base but kept it’s crunch. I like my tart bases on the crunchy and less melt-in-your-mouth side so I loved it. Those looking for the buttery bases may deduct points for this.

This was so good that Dad actually had more than a spoonful (he’s not a huge sweets fan…except for selected desserts and cakes like Corica apple strudel). The best thing about the tart was the strong ginger taste – so many a times, I have eaten things that should be loaded with a strong spice taste but only to be disappointed that they skimped on the spices and it’s not strong enough.

The lemon curd tart was also nice – tangy with a strong lemon scent, but it was just a bit cloying and as I’ve read the recipe and know how much cream is mixed with the curd, so I’m guessing it’s because of that. I like lemon curd just on it’s own so I actually like my lemon curd tarts more (hehehe), but that’s because I like sour foods. Again, the tart base, though difficult to ‘cut’ with the spoon was thin and to my liking. 

I know I’m not good-looking, but I’m damn tasty! Pie innards.
Dad got a pie. I knew the pies would lure him here! Seriously! This was our dialogue in planning the trip…
CC: Dad, there’s a bakery in Sydney I reaaaaaally want to try – can we go on the last day? 
Dad: A bakery? 
CC: Yeah…they’re really famous and always crowded. They have pies! And sausage rolls which are apparently really nice! 
Dad: Ok, we should have time to go. 
CC (inner dialogue): Woohoo!!! *celebration dance*
They had a few pies there that day – a beef brisket, a beef pie (I don’t know if this is mince or chunky steak), chicken, and a lamb and harissa one. Dad isn’t a fan of sausage rolls so we didn’t get the pork and fennel one to try, and instead went for the beef brisket pie was delicious!! Dad loved it. The pastry was flaky and thin. It was full of ingredients and flavour. These are all properties of the pie that are to our liking =D Thumbs up!
We also da-baoed some tarts home for the family…which I don’t really recommend if you’re from the other side of AUS because they didn’t do so well (the tart bases softened) =( They were still tasty but not as tasty. I got the chocolate tart, chocolate mousse and rasberry, passionfruit meringue, and a ginger brulee tart. Also, a croissant and a pain au raisin. The croissant was amazing as well – so flaky! 
So, mission to visit Bourke St Bakery = completed. But…won’t be the last time..hehehe. I would go back solely for the ginger brulee tart and the croissant. The chocolate tart was too sweet for me and nothing exciting for me. The passionfruit meringue tart wasn’t ‘passionfruit’ enough and the chocolate mousse and raspberry tart, although still quite yum, I like my mousses more dense than that. 
To get to the bakery from Central Station, you just walk all the way down Devonshire Road, which is a very nice and picturesque road, until to reach the end. The bakery is at the T-junction of that and Bourke St.
Thanks for reading! ^^ Hope everyone had a great weekend and are fired up for another week! Have a great Monday! 

6 thoughts on “Finally…the Bourke St adventure!

  1. Waaah Jessie, put pressure already ah?? haha!! Definitely going to try the ginger brulee tart for sure! I've made the muffins before and people loved them hehe. =D


  2. Ohh I'm drooling over the beef brisket pie! I've never had it before and sounds amazing. I love savory pie – so comforting. I'd definitely pick the ginger brulee tart too, that's a unique flavor and I don't want to miss out. 🙂


  3. Yes! The ginger brulee tart really delicious! I was so happy it had a strong ginger taste too! Hope you have a chance to try the beef brisket pie one day, Nami!


  4. Hello and a Happy Easter
    After reading this post, makes me wonder why I did not go there while in Sydney..
    did not cross my mind. Must visit the next time – to taste that ginger brulee tart!


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