[CC cooks]: Heng Hwa beehoon a la CC

Hi everyone! Gosh, how quick these past few weeks have gone! In a sense, I’m so thankful it’s Friday because then I don’t have to make the trek all the way to uni for 2 days…but…TIME!! It’s running out so quick! I’ve got so much to do for uni, it’s so crazy and overwhelming =( It’s going to be a tiring tiring semester…haiz. 
Anyway, those living in Singapore, or have visited there have heard of Putien I am sure. It’s a Heng Hwa restaurant, and I LOVE IT!! Some of the dishes I recognise, but some I had only for the first time when I went there. The one thing I never fail to order is their fried Heng Hwa beehoon. I generally love eating thin beehoon anyway, but add the squid, prawns, peanuts, seaweed, etc and it just takes it up a notch. So…one day I tried cooking it. haha. 

Home-made goodness =)
I pretty much just added what I wanted, as per usual =P I put in squid, prawns, some bak choy, egg, and an abundance of other things that I can’t remember. Oh and you know what? This is actually very healthy! I didn’t actually use oil to fry the beehoon, save for the little bit used to fry the ginger and spring onion at the start.
So, how did I cook the beehoon then? With home-made unsweetened soymilk and chicken stock! I pre-soaked the beehoon for a short while, to also serve as a rinse. Then after frying all the ingredients until fragrant, I added the liquids, boiled, then threw in the beehoon and let it soak up all the flavours into the noodles itself =) Yummy!
Topped it off with crushed toasted peanuts, and some crispy shallots and we were ready to eat (or pack it for lunch for Mum). It’s not the same as Putien’s, but it’s got my personal touch to it and you know what? It was still delicious and packed full of love and yummy ingredients! Plus, it’s healthy! =) 
Thanks for reading! ^^ Have a great weekend, everyone!

2 thoughts on “[CC cooks]: Heng Hwa beehoon a la CC

  1. Good morning,
    Your meehoon looks tempting! Sometimes, I too cook with whatever is available and its the time taken to cook that makes the food appetising!


  2. Thanks, Elaine! Totally agree with you there – enjoyment during cooking and baking makes it taste extra delicious, in my opinion =) Have a nice weekend!


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