[CC bakes]: CNY 2013 – 綠豆餅 (Mung bean cookies)

Is everyone ready for Day 3 of CNY?? Like yesterday, it’s just a normal day at uni for me, but it’s still exciting to know that we’re on Day 3 already! If it’s not already obvious, I LOVE CNY…it’s my favourite occasion of the year =P hehe.

Anyway, so this year I didn’t make as many goodies as last year because Mum and I spotted some snacks imported from Taiwan that looked pretty delicious in the Northbridge stores so we bought some of those. But I spotted these mung bean cookies at the shops and decided I wanted to make these this year. Mostly because I like eating them, and store-bought ones are just way too sweet. 

Anyway, so it’s really good that Sonia is holding this CNY blog event, because it gives me a lot of ideas of what to bake and cook for CNY, and in general. Actually, it’s probably not a really good thing too since there are now more items added to my ‘to make’ list!! haha. =P

So this is the recipe I used, barely adapted from Kit, who used Cheah’s.
Ingredients (I made about 63 cookies with this)
200g mung bean flour
20g rice flour
40g flour (**I used whole wheat flour)
80g icing sugar (**I reduced to 50g)
65g nibbed almonds
90g shortening (**I used 70g canola oil)
1. Preheat oven to 180C
2. Lightly heat mung bean flour and rice flour in wok on low heat. When heated, set aside in mixing bowl until completely cooled
3. Sift flour and icing sugar into mixing bowl
4. Add almond nibs and mix well
5. Pour in oil and mix until dough resembles breadcrumbs
6. Lightly knead the dough and press hard into wooden moulds. Knock out the biscuits and place on baking tray. 
7. Bake for 10-15 minutes and let to cool on cooling rack.
I still found it a bit too sweet so I may reduce the sugar to 40g next time. Yes, that’s pretty much half but unfortunately I’m quite a snacker and I don’t only eat one cookie so eating more at one time makes it a little sweet. I could of course refrain from eating so many….but where’s the fun in that? haha. I might try reducing the amount of almond nibs too, and adding a bit more mung bean flour to get more of that fragrance.
Otherwise, these were delicious! They’re so crumbly and just plain yum. The whole wheat flour actually added another dimension of nuttiness to the cookie! It was great! The only thing is that these took me sooooooo long to press into moulds and knock them out! My Dad was quite worried about his kitchen bench too =P haha. But no worries, no damage was done!

I’ll be submitting this post to Chinese New Year Delights 2013, hosted by Sonia aka Nasi Lemak Lover.

Thanks for reading! ^^ Enjoy Day 3 of CNY, everyone!



4 thoughts on “[CC bakes]: CNY 2013 – 綠豆餅 (Mung bean cookies)

  1. Hi CC,

    Like you, I'm enjoying the baking too for event that Sonia is organizing. There is so much to bake but no time to bake and eat… LOL! I always think that baking at home is a smart thing to do too…to avoid yucky dishonest fatty ingredients and extremely high hidden sugar content.

    Your mung bean cookies look great. Mum must be happy that you baked 😀



  2. I agree! Too many things I want to bake, but so little time! haha. I love baking my own things because I can then reduce sugar, fats and use more wholegrains =) Healthier for all my guinea pigs…haha.


  3. Thanks for dropping by, Veronica! Mung bean starch is different to the flour – the starch flour results in a gummy and chewy texture. I actually made the mung bean flour by grinding mung beans because I also couldn't find the flour =)


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