[CC bakes]: CNY 2013 – Peanut spring rolls…baked!

Gong Hei Fatt Choi, everyone!!! Ready for Day 2 of CNY??  It’s back to uni and work for us in Perth, but my relatives are all overseas so we don’t have much visiting to do anyway…we can’t do any visiting, unless we fly over! haha. Which, I’ll gladly do =P

Anyway! I saw this on Wendy’s blog and immediately bookmarked it and made it a few days later! We love to eat the hae bee hiam ones, but I never have it at home so this was a perfect alternative to satisfy the craving for something crispy. Plus, I just love peanuts in general =P hehe.

These were actually quite hard to roll for me! I’m not very good at rolling mini spring rolls, especially because you shouldn’t roll too tight. That’s why a lot of them came out quite ugly-looking…but that’s ok because it didn’t compromise the taste one single bit!

I pretty much followed Wendy’s recipe, with a couple of minor adjustments – mainly reducing the sugar to taste and adding some seasalt because I like the sweet-salty juxtaposition. I also didn’t use any melted ghee or oil when rolling (perhaps why mine not as brown?). 

Here’s some for everyone!
We have since finished these…before CNY even began in fact. But they were amazing! The filling is exactly like muah chi which I absolutely love, so these were naturally delicious to me =P haha. Mine didn’t come out as brown as Wendy’s but because I was quite cautious with the baking. Last time I baked mini pork floss spring rolls and the pork floss burnt on the inside before it got brown, and I definitely didn’t want that to happen here.
This is a fantastic alternative to deep-frying them – I’m definitely going to make them again! 
I’ll be submitting this post to Chinese New Year Delights 2013, hosted by Sonia aka Nasi Lemak Lover =)  
Thanks for reading! ^^ Enjoy your Monday, everyone! 

7 thoughts on “[CC bakes]: CNY 2013 – Peanut spring rolls…baked!

  1. Hi CC,

    Happy CNY to you and your family! It is just another day for us at Melbourne too… Not much CNY mood here as well.

    Nice that you are baking these mini spring rolls for your CNY celebrations. At least, we are doing something for CNY :p



  2. Thanks for your wishes, Zoe! Oh yes, I momentarily forgot you are in Melb! You're right – even if the CNY mood in the city isn't that great, at least we are doing something, and most importantly we are with our families =D Gong Hei Fatt Choi!


  3. I am also not so good in rolling and i need more practice. Good find for the spring rolls recipe, it seem excellent. I like to make them with grilled tofu or salted peanuts and i saw somewhere nice rice paper for rolling, try that one because it seems interesting. How much time you spent making them?


  4. Grilled tofu in the spring roll? I've never tried but it sounds interesting – I think it's best to use fresh spring rolls in this case though. I can't remember how long I took to roll these! I set up a 'rolling station' in front of the TV =P haha


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