[Eating out]: Matsuri – Northbridge

 Beef tataki

Dinner at Matsuri again! And guess who with? CT! Yep, it was time for our monthly dinner ‘date’ again! hehe. Except this time, her boyfriend joined us too! Yes, that means that I was a brightly shining lightbulb =.=’ haha. 
Anyway, so we decided on Matsuri because CT really likes that place and plus, quite convenient for us since it’s in the CBD. Instead of getting the set menus like last time, we decided to get a few small plates to share amongst the 3 of us. 

First up was the beef tataki which was pretty good that night. Not sinewy and it was melt-in-your-mouth beefy goodness (apologies to the vegetarian readers!). I like the tataki at Matsuri because they don’t drown it in the vinegarette sauce. I’ve been to a few Japanese restaurants and all you can taste is the sauce, which overpowers the beef taste.

 Salmon sashimi

The salmon sashimi was very fresh that night! Plus, it was thickly sliced, which is the way sashimi should be! I hate going to places that slice it so thinly, there’s hardly anything to chew. 
 Chicken karaage

I didn’t have any of the chicken because I don’t really like to eat much deep-fried foods anymore, and I usually opt for the sushi/sashimi at Japanese restaurants. CT and M both said it was nice though. 
Unagi makisushi
CT and I both love unagi, so we decided to get an unagi sushi as well. This was pretty good, though I do prefer just a whole slab of unagi! haha. As you can see, there’s quite an abundance of filling, which was fantastic. I hate it when sushi rolls have too much rice and hardly any fillings! The rice tonight was a little bland though and could’ve done with a little more vinegar – or maybe that’s just personal preference because I like sour things. hehe.
As per usual, it was a great night with yummy food and fantastic company! It was the second time I had seen CT’s boyfriend M, but the first time where we actually had a proper sit-down conversation. He’s a fantastic guy who treats CT so well. You know how some couples are just too cute to boot? Well, CT and M are one of those couples. I’m so happy for CT that she has found someone who treasures her for who she is! Now, all I need is to find someone who treasures me for who I am! Which CT is 110% certain will happen…haha. 
Til next time! Thanks for reading! ^^

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