[CC cooks]: An epic BBQ

Time to BBQ!
When it comes to food, my family is usually in surplus. This was no different for the BBQ we had over the Australia Day long weekend that just passed. As you’ll see from the photos, there was so. much. food! 
We usually have a BBQ during long weekends in the warmer weather – it’s the only time we make good use of our outdoor table setting! haha. This weekend was no different…the weather was lovely all weekend with sunshine and blue skies all day long. We decided to have a BBQ dinner since some family members were busy around the lunch/afternoon period, and invited a couple of close family friends along for the ‘party’. hehe. 

As mentioned, there was a lot of food…basically, this was our BBQ menu for the night. Note…this is the ‘BBQ menu’, meaning it’s not including the other non-BBQ items!
Squid tentacles
Pepper beef steaks
Chicken thighs (boneless)
Skewered lemongrass garlic prawns
Skewered mussels
Fish fillets in alfoil with lemon
Whole roasted fish with miso marinade
Whole roasted fish with dukkah coating
Gourmet sausages (beef, pork, lamb)
Sweet potato
Skewered quail eggs
Skewered fishballs
I think that’s it. A lot, right? We of course had leftovers, but that’s fine because my brother’s friends were coming over the next day so we actually prepared the food with that in mind. There were still leftovers after that though. haha. Everything was prepared by us, except for the gourmet sausages which were bought by my sister, and the fishballs. 
There was quite a lot of preparation, both in the kitchen and around the house (code for cleaning up the pigsty house haha!). Dad marinated the squid, beef, chicken and mussels the night before. On the day itself, Mum was cleaning the house and tabletops, while I prepared things in the kitchen which included marinating the prawns, marinating + wrapping the fish fillets, wrapping the sweet potato, marinating the fish, making the dukkah and preparing the desserts.
Beetroot dip & toasted sourdough

My feet and legs were so tired from standing and walking the entire morning! I actually brought the skewers over to the TV room and Mum and I sat there skewering while watching TVB series =P haha. 

I also made some little appetizers for people to nibble on while we prepared the BBQ for some cooking, and some salads which were much-needed to cut through all the heaty food! hehe.

My sister brought over a beetroot dip which she made with beetroot, cashews and feta cheese. I called it her ‘let’s-use-up-my-beetroot-and-see-what-else-I-have-at-home’ beetroot dip. haha. Because that’s basically why she made it =P This was really nice, but pity I don’t like feta cheese so I thought the feta taste was a bit overpowering.

Bruschetta with wonton cups
I made a simple bruschetta mix that people could spoon into small wonton cups. I wanted something simple and fresh because (a) it was hot, and (b) there was going to be a lot of heaty food! These were so simple to make, it’s awesome! I just baked the wonton skin in muffin pans for about 5-7min then chopped the tomatoes. That’s it! haha. People were pretty amazed at the wonton cups – I guess it’s just so different to the usual bruschetta style, eh!?! hehe.

 ‘Rainbow’ salad

Mum asked me to make 2 types of salad and this ‘rainbow’ salad was one of them. I have no idea how I first thought of making this but this is pretty much a staple at our large entertaining gatherings. I just call it a cabbage salad, but ever since one of our family friends called it ‘rainbow salad’, the name as stuck! My brother JC doesn’t each much vegetables (he’s a carnivore pretty much), but this is one salad that he’ll eat A LOT of so that’s why Mum asked me to make it =P hehe. He doesn’t even usually eat cabbage too!

Garden salad
 I made a simple garden salad with all sorts of ingredients – beans, red onion, avocado, tomato, corn, baby spinach, snowpea sprouts, red capsicum and toasted almonds. Looks so colourful. This was really good to cut through the BBQ food.

JC is the BBQ-er of the family. This time us kids were at a smaller table closer to the BBQ, while the adults were up in the cabana at the larger table where we also placed all the cooked foods and salads, so we all kind of helped out at the BBQ so JC could also eat at the same time.

There’s my whole fish!! And yes, we like BBQ’ed fishballs! haha.
The whole-roasted fish were SO GOOD! We usually have fillets, but I didn’t want to have the same thing as usual, so we also had 2 whole-roasted fish. Some liked the miso-marinated one more, some the dukkah-crusted one. But what’s most important is that everyone enjoyed the food and left with very big bellies! haha. 
Oh! Have you ever had roasted quail eggs? It’s SO awesome! I may be biased though because I love eggs anyway, plus the honey basting we put on the eggs and fishballs just took it up to another level of yumminess! haha. 
There was also dessert! Which I forgot to photograph…because I was too excited to try the ‘Mango Float’ VH’s Mum brought. It’s very similar to the Sawdust Pudding famous in Macau, except it’s also got mango slices as the layers – so crushed biscuits, mango slices, cream, and so on. Just imagine, slightly frozen with the sweetness of the mango in combination with the slight creamy taste plus the texture of the crushed marie biscuits. Y-U-M! It was goood…I had like 2.5 pieces ><! 
I also prepared grass jelly with longan, attap chee, and diced watermelon. Plus osmanthus jelly and we also washed some plump cherries. 
It was a great night of entertaining, and though I was very busy helping out the entire day and night (and was so tired after!), it was heaps of fun and very nice to chat with everyone! 
Until the next big function! haha. I must recuperate first =P A definite ‘must’ because the next one will be CNY! Lots of things to do for that too!
Thanks for reading! ^^ Have a nice day!

2 thoughts on “[CC cooks]: An epic BBQ

  1. Haha..yah A LOT, right? I think we finished most of the meat (except the chicken I think) when my brother's friends came for the day too! So much eating! haha. Thanks for dropping by, Chocolatesuze!


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