[CC cooks]: Beef rendang

Ginger, lemongrass, shallots, beef…what am I making?
Happy Thursday everyone! How is your week going? Yet again, it’s Thursday – how quick this week has gone by! I wonder will I ever stop thinking ‘time goes so fast’…!?! haha. It’s scary – we are already in the last few days of January! But TGIF tomorrow – I’m exhausted already! Had to force myself to wake up for uni this morning!
Anyway, back to the photo…what do you think I’m making? hehe. Don’t worry, I won’t make you guess and keep you in suspense (plus the post title says it all =.=’). I made beef rendang! From scratch! When Dad was away in HK, Mum and I were in charge of cooking dinner and lunch…well, mainly me because Mum knows how much I love cooking =P I’ve been wanting to try make beef rendang for so long, but we always have so much leftovers in the fridge, so now was the perfect time since I usually cook enough food for dinner and without leftovers. 

Here it is! I used Wendy’s recipe, and actually bought everything, except for the tumeric leaves because I couldn’t find any! Galangal and tumeric are quite hard to find here, and are so expensive so I rarely buy them. Plus, the dishes we cook seldom (if ever) use them. Shallots are also quite expensive so we don’t use them much. But no, this time I was going to do it properly! 
That was the plan…except…I lost the piece of tumeric I bought =( You see, when I go to the markets for grocery shopping, I don’t like to use plastic bags for just one item. That is, the piece of tumeric was so small, it’s just a waste to put it in a bag, even if I re-use the bag after. So, I just chucked it in the box I had and it must’ve fallen out along the way. So in the end I used ground tumeric.
The result was so yummy! I used gravy beef which is a cheap cut of beef but like Wendy said, the gingers really tenderised it a lot. I didn’t have to simmer it for long and it was already very tender. I’d like to put more tumeric in next time though, and though I reduced the sugar already it was still slightly sweet for us. The flavours were so good, but I think it’s just missing that little bit. Perhaps I should simmer it for a bit longer? Or maybe adding more of the spices will do the trick?
Oh and I’d used dessicated coconut next time, not shredded! I completely forgot that it wouldn’t break down so there were huge pieces of coconut, as you can see in the above photo =.=’

This is the coconut I used. Nicely toasted, but too big!! I couldn’t resist ‘tasting’ some of the toasted coconut…had to test whether ok or not, yeah? haha.

Definitely something to try again – we love beef rendang, and curry in general. My brothers enjoyed this a lot, though I can picture them picking out the coconut with all their might =P haha. I’m going to have to wait til our fridge is a little emptier from the leftovers first though =P

Thanks for reading! ^^


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