[CC bakes]: First baking ‘order’!

Care for some profiteroles?
Hello everyone! So sorry for my intermittent posts – trying to get as many things done and organised as possible before semester starts again. 

2012 was a year of lots of baking and experimentation for me. It was great! I loved it! I loved challenging myself with bakes and cooking that I was unfamiliar with. One thing that I made quite a lot of were profiteroles. Not only did I make them as an experiment, but also for the croquembouche I made for GC’s 21st, and now…this ‘baking order’!

My fellow students held a ball or prom, or dance, at the end of the year last year. Given the budget, we were pretty strapped for cash and after the savoury foods, there wasn’t a lot of money left for sweets. My friend knows I love to bake and cook, so she called upon a favour from me, along with 2 other students. We were to make the desserts!
I decided to make profiteroles because they are easy to eat and can be finished off in one or two bites. With everyone dressed to the nines, I definitely didn’t want anything that was too difficult or fiddly to eat. I filled half with strawberry cream, which was just whipped cream rippled with homemade strawberry puree. The other half of them were filled with creme patissiere, since I know some people couldn’t take cream.
I think I made about 90+ this time! The most I’ve ever made in one go! Although it wasn’t an official ‘baking order’, it was still the first time I made it for an event that was not my family’s own =P It was so fun too! I’d love to get more of these ‘orders’ if possible…haha.
Luckily everyone loved them =) So much that there weren’t very many leftovers (yay!) and the few my friend took home were polished off in no time…resulting in her mum being in a state of grief for a bit when they were finished..haha!!
Think I might try a few different fillings next time…thinking of a black sesame one!
Thanks for reading! ^^ Enjoy the rest of the week!!

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