[EatHK 2012]: Snacktime!

Layers & layers of crisp flaky pastry…mmm…
I want an egg tart now =.=’ ANYWAY! Hello, everyone! How was your weekend? Mine was a nice quiet weekend to recuperate from the tiring week at uni last week. But I was really ill last night, so today pretty tired. Ho hum! Hope I’m all better for the potluck dinner tonight! I have to be, since it’s at my house =P haha. Hope you are all rejuvenated and ready to head into another week!

Anyway, here’s another post about my time in HK! I’ll have to finish this series, before I start with my adventures in Kota Kinabalu!

I love to snack. It’s an extremely dangerous habit, because sometimes you think ‘oh it’s only small, another one won’t hurt’. Then that ‘one’ turns into ‘a few’, which in turn, becomes ‘many’. Here are some of the things I snacked on in HK with Mum. Get ready, I hope you are all full from your last meal =P haha.

‘loong soh tang’ (dragon beard candy)

How can we go to HK without eating the national item – egg tart? Just look at the first photo, and you can see why it deserves the number 1 photo spot of the post =P Ok, fine it’s not HK’s national item but in my mind it may as well be because nearly every single place that sells it has scrumptious egg tarts! This is from a bakery next to the congee place Mum and I usually frequent – the bakery was a new find, and even after a bowl of congee, I was ready to chomp on one of these =P This one in fact, was the first I ate from there and it was literally fresh from the oven. Not surprisingly, I burnt my tongue on the hot custard in my eagerness to bite into it =P haha.

Then there’s loong soh tang, which is a childhood favourite of mine. I remember when I was younger and walking around the streets of HK, there would be a Grandpa pushing his cart and make this fresh for us. Alas, that is rare now and most of these, though still freshly made, are sold at food stalls within shopping centres and depending on where you go, sit there for a little while after being made. Luckily, the lady behind the counter here made it fresh for us =) It brought back blissful memories when I bit into one – strings of sugar sticking to my lips and teeth, coated with rice flour, and some of the peanut filling falling into the box. Yes, I still eat these messily! =P

muah chee
Mum and I bought this with the loong soh tang since it was 2 for HKD$24. The lady had a serious case of size misjudgement and it was spilling out of the box! I like to eat muah chee both fresh, when it’s still warm and soft but also when it has cooled down because then it’s more chewy. I was so full from these that I couldn’t even manage to eat lunch so Mum and I shared a bowl of yummy cart noodles.

Charcoal ‘gai daan zai’

Gai daan zai, or what people have started calling ‘eggettes’ is another childhood favourite of my siblings and I. It’s traditionally cooked over a charcoal fire which not over creates a crispy exterior, fluffy interior snack, but it is also permeated with the fragrance of the charcoal. It’s very rare to find these now because most people use the electronic makers (there is one in North Point, though), and I only happened to come across this store in Tai O during our day trip so I was super-excited and quickly bought one!
The remainders…
We were perhaps a little *too* excited about the gai daan zai, and this is all that was left before I remembered to snap a photo…oops! They were delicious! Crispy, yet fluffy, with a hint of the charcoal smokiness. Even my Uncle said they tasted better than the usual ones =P
(clockwise, from left): ginger-curdled milk, tau foo fah, black sesame paste
We took a pit-stop when we went to Tai O to eat some of the tau foo fah. Apparently it is quite famous there, though I do prefer the one in Lamma Island because it’s a lot smoother. I loved the ginger-curdled milk, and though it was hot that day, it was so comforting to have the warm smooth milk just slide down my throat.
One thing I love about tau foo fah at these old-school places is that they give you red sugar which has a completely different taste to the usual white sugar and sugar syrup used. The granules are slightly larger, and it’s a more ching taste, plus you get that extra crunch which I like. Black sesame paste has a special place in my heart as well, and this one did not disappoint! Full-bodied black sesame so smooth, yet so thick that it sticks to your teeth and lips. Definitely not a first-date item! haha
(clockwise, from left): fresh water chestnuts, making loong so tang, fishballs + meatball skewers, grilled dried squid.
Yet more small snacks from our day trip to Tai O. This was when we were waiting in Peng Chau. Mum spotted water chestnuts and bought a skewer for us to eat. They were so nice!! Very sweet and crunchy! It’s been so long since I’ve had fresh water chestnuts! I now just cannot look at the frozen ones in the same way =P
Mum also came back with dried squid which had been grilled over charcoal – we absolutely love to eat these dried fish/squid products and this was no different. Perfect to snack on during the boat trip home. 
The fishballs and meatball skewers were from Cheung Chau.
Pancakes! One for Mum, one for me =)
Last but not least, is this street-side pancake snack! This also is another childhood favourite of mine! While my siblings never failed to get the gai daan zai, Mum and I would always get the pancakes – with peanut butter and condensed milk! This is a place in Hung Hom, and I’ve been frequenting here every time I go back to HK. It’s not a famous place, but it holds special memories for me so it’ll always be the place I go to for a pancake fix =) Hopefully he stays for many years more!
So those are some of the snacks and tidbits I had in HK with Mum! Hope you enjoyed the post! 
Thanks for reading!! ^^ Enjoy your week, everyone! 
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2 thoughts on “[EatHK 2012]: Snacktime!

  1. Haha! Yes the pancake with peanut butter + condensed milk is so good! The combo also good on thick-sliced toasted bread! I love chow tau foo, but unfortunately many places in HK were not smelly enough for my liking so I didn't end up having any =( There are also fewer stalls around now =(


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