[Eating out]: Kung Fu Kitchen II – Northbridge

Hi everyone! I’m back from my overseas trip to Kota Kinabalu! It was a great way for rejuvenation and to escape Perth during its hot hot summer! I’ve got A LOT of photos to go through, and we did so many different things so bear with me while I compile everything in an organised manner before I share our adventures with you =) In the meantime, here’s something Mum and I did before our holida – lovely mother-daughter night =DD

Once exams was over for Semester 2, I desperately wanted to just empty my mind of all the challenges and unhappiness I faced. The solution? A full-body massage! Turns out Mum had exactly the same idea! haha. So once I suggested we go for a massage and dinner one night, she said she was thinking of asking me too…you know what they say about ‘like mother like daughter’? =P hehe

Anyway, so we went for massage, then dinner at Kung Fu Kitchen because we both felt like small appetiser dishes and I wanted chilli! hehe.

It was extremely crowded!! It was lucky we got a table so quickly! We were initially asked to sit on the bench at the window (i.e., seats are next to each other), but before we sat down, a square table for 2 freed up for us =) Placed our order, got our number and our dishes arrived not long after! Oh, they’ve got new items on the menu too, so go and try!

We needed to get some non-chilli things for Mum because she can’t take it as much as me, so she chose the shredded beancurd. We usually get this, and it was delicious, as usual. Though not chilli, there were the flavours of Szechuan cuisine with the slight vinegar-y taste and the kick from the Szechuan peppercorns. 
‘fu chai fei piin’ 
Fu chai fei piin is a must-order whenever I go! I absolutely love tripe and tongue, and having them together is just plain awesome. Apologies for the pinyin translation – I am VERY BAD at pinyin as I’ve never learnt it before. Also, I do pinyin for Cantonese most of the time since that is my mother tongue. hehe.This dish was, again, delicious. I especially love how they have so much coriander and spring onion on the top too. I do wish they would slice the tripe a bit thicker, like dimsum but that’s just personal preference =P

 dan dan mien

We were going to order the jaa jiang mien but I’m not a huge fan of it because I much prefer our homecooked version and plus, it’s a little too salty for me, so we ordered the dan dan mien. For some reason, the flavours didn’t quite hit the spot for me this time. It was nice, but there was just something different. I think I’m just fussy about it though, since Mum said it was the same as usual. haha. The noodles were the same deliciousness as usual though – very Q! 
 Braised duck tongue

I ordered the duck tongue because my friend RT and I kept talking about duck tongue and gizzard! haha. So I pretty much targeted it on the menu =P haha. They were goooood. Braised til they were gelatinous. I think they’re nicer cold though (they came out warm), because we had leftovers and when we ate them straight from the fridge the next day, they were a little chewier and solid which I like. 
We couldn’t finish the noodles either so took that home, which my brother GC ate for lunch the next day. It was so hot the next day that he just ate them cold, since I had done that once and told him it was really nice. And yes, he did thoroughly enjoy it.
Tau fu faa with red beans
After dinner, must have dessert! Since it was quite cool that night and Mum had a bit of a cough (yes, and we still ate at Kung Fu Kitchen..haha), we didn’t want anything too cold. We headed to Icey Ice where there are new Taiwan herbal jelly desserts and tau fu faa (beancurd pudding). I once had a hot herbal jelly dessert but they only serve them cold now, so we opted for the warm tau fu faa with red beans. I always find their red beans too sweet, but the tau fu faa was not sweet so it was a nice combo. Although the tau fu faa isn’t the smoothest, you can really taste the soybean in it. I much prefer it like this and if it was just that little bit smoother, it would be perfect! hehe. Finally a place where I can get these asian-style desserts!! 
It was such a great night with Mum! We actually sat at Icey Ice for more than 2hrs because we were just sitting there having a heart-to-heart =) Really hope Mum is able to take more time off to just relax like this, and that I also have more time to have these mother-daughter nights with her! 
I’ve got Kung Fu Kitchen’s details on a previous post if you want the address and number. 
Thanks for reading!! ^^ Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

4 thoughts on “[Eating out]: Kung Fu Kitchen II – Northbridge

  1. The duck tongue! I remember my father in law (in Taiwan) was eating this and I think I tried it once… I don't quite remember it but I think I wasn't a fan (maybe too graphic haha). I eat all weird stuff too though. Dan dan mien is my favorite! Looks delicious!


  2. Haha, maybe you may like it if you try it again? I always find my tastes have changed dramatically. Dan dan mien is my favourite too!! And you know what? The best I've had so far was actually from Taiwan!


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