[Eating out]: Tuck Shop Cafe – Northbridge

Tuck Shop Cafe is one of the new cafes that have been popping up in Perth this year. It’s menu changes daily, and seasonally, and it promotes the use of fresh local produce. I took Mum, Dad and my brother GC here one Sunday for lunch. There was a slight wait (around 10-15 minutes) because it was extremely busy and no bookings are taken on the weekends. Lucky we had a table of 4 though, otherwise I’m sure the wait would’ve been longer.

Before we patronised here, I had read many raving reviews on a number of food blogs. A lot of them praised the pies at Tuck Shop Cafe and said they were one of the best pies they’d had. This was great, since Dad quite likes pies so there’s at least one thing he’ll like =)

Not sure if you can see the date on the menu…it’s a bit embarrassing if you can because this lunch was very extremely long ago! Anyway, the menu is pretty extensive, and there’s options for both carnivores and vegetarians. We were spoilt for choice! GC and I could barely decide on what to have until the last minute! haha.
Upside down plant – it was so cool!
The interior of the cafe is very hip, and there’s interesting motifs and objects around the place. One of these was the upside down potted plant..which was in fact just above Mum’s head! haha. No worries because no soil was falling through the gauze. I do wonder how they water the plant though…take it down everytime?
Strawberry milkshake
There’s free water, but GC spotted a strawberry milkshake and couldn’t resist. It’s actually quite nice – none of the artifical pink strawberry taste and colour. At Tuck Shop Cafe, they blend real strawberries! It was a bit too thin for my liking because I like my milkshakes on the thicker side. Nevertheless, the fresh strawberry flavour was still there. 
Dad ordered a flat white, which uses coffee beans from Toby’s Estate. I’m definitely not a coffee connoisseur because I don’t drink coffee but Dad said it was better than some other ones he’s had.
Flat white
Before long, our meals came! 
Beef & Stilton Pie
Dad ordered a pie. He wanted the lamb and rosemary but it was sold out. In fact, most of the pies were sold out except for the beef and stilton, and the vegetarian one I think. I found the cheese way too strong because I’m not a huge fan of cheese, but the beef was very tender and the puff pastry…omgoodness, SO GOOD! I love Jester’s Pies, but this one wins hands down. 
Corn fritters with bacon & fried egg
Mum ordered the corn fritters, which I think was a special that day. It comes with a poached egg, but Mum doesn’t like eggs to be raw in any sense so we asked for it to be fried instead. The kitchen willingly obliged, which is awesome. I’ve been to some cafes where they don’t allow that…even with the bread if you ask for brown bread instead. Anyway, the corn fritter was packed full of corn, with little flour. The salsa on the side was a capsicum-based one, and it was really nice to cut through the bacon and everything else on the plate. Mum really enjoyed this =)
Pork belly with potatoes and sunny-side up
I can’t remember what this dish was actually called, but the main component was pork belly. GC absolutely loves pork belly so he settled on this in the end (after narrowing it down from like 3-4 other choices!). He loved this. The flavours were so different to what we usually have – a lot of spices were used like cumin and cayenne. 
Tuna nicoise salad
I ordered the tuna nicoise salad. I didn’t actually know what nicoise salads were so I asked the waitress and while she was explaining, it sounded pretty appetising so I ordered that instead of my other choice. Plus, I was craving tuna. haha. The salad was yum!! One of the main reasons I ordered it was for the olives, which were delicious. The entire dish was really big, and surprisingly filling. I think because of the tuna and the poached egg. The egg was poached perfectly! I specifically asked for runny yolk and that’s exactly what I got. I popped the yolk which flowed beautifully over the salad…yum! The vegetables were all very fresh. It was great for a sunny Sunday lunch!  

The place was pretty crowded when we went so make sure you get there early!! Highly recommended if you’re looking for interesting menu items, and fresh produce!

Tuck Shop Cafe
Unit 1/180 Newcastle Street,
(08) 9227 1659

Thanks for reading! ^^ Have a nice weekend, everyone!!


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