[CC cooks]: Homemade healthy brunch

 Mushroom bruschetta

Eating all this roti prata, fish curry, beef rendang and drinking copious amounts of teh tarik makes me feel so unhealthy! Oh and did I mention all the durian? Yes, it’s a fruit, the king to be exact but it’s so creamy and heavy I feel like I’ve gained like 5kg in 10 days! Haha.

So, here’s a healthy post…to make myself feel better. Haha! 

GC and I were randomly home one day – I say ‘randomly’ because we are rarely at home during the day, except Sunday. We’re at uni 5 days a week and work on Saturdays. Even on Sunday, we usually go out somewhere for lunch or dimsum. I think we were studying for exams on this day – can’t really remember..oops!
Anyway, it was pretty warm and sunny, and whenever the weather is like that I always feel like something light and healthy for my meals. We wanted to go out for brunch but (A) we were too lazy to actually get dressed in something more presentable, (B) there was a lot of food at home, including bread, etc, (C) see (A). haha. So, I whipped up a quick lunch for us. Very simple bruschettas =) 

Tomato bruschetta
There was A LOT of bread at home for some reason, I think I bought a loaf, and Dad also bought one on the way back from work. So we made bruschettas. I had some mushrooms left over so I grilled them with a bit of balsamic and thyme, which was also left over from a roast. Added one of my favourite toast toppings – avocado, and a few slices of onion. I made a tomato one for GC since he doesn’t like mushrooms. 
It was a very filling lunch, and very healthy too. Oh! I also made juices – apple juice for GC and a vegetable juice for me which had carrot, celery, ginger, cucumber and a bit of green apple. So healthy =) hehe. 
Here’s to healthy eating! 
Thanks for reading! ^^

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