[CC bakes]: Who likes peanuts?

I trust that many of you have heard of, or tried Reese’s peanut butter cups. They are SO GOOD! I am a huge lover of peanut butter, so instead of trying to justify me eating PB out of the jar, I can get my PB fix from the peanut butter cups. hehe. Plus, you get the addition of chocolate! That…is close to a match made in heaven.

I can’t exactly remember what I baked these for. I *think* it was just because I was bored, and wanted to bake so bake I did! I made some chocolate cupcakes, which could be a bit of a double chocolate cupcake because it was chocolate, and had chocolate bits in it, then just topped it with some peanut buttercream and crushed peanuts.I hardly ever make buttercream, and this is like the second time only. My family aren’t a huge fan of it, and I kind of find it unnecessary unless you are doing it for a function, or you’re a buttercream lover.

They were pretty moreish. The chocolate cupcake was not a butter-based one, and the crumb was pretty light and moist. Plus the peanut buttercream. Like I said, close to a match made in heaven! hehe.

My officemate SM loved this – she licked the buttercream first, then devoured the cake. haha. With sound effects….so funny.

Thanks for reading! ^^


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