Happy New Year!!

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Happy New Year, everyone!!!
Oops, I’m a little late with this! I’m currently overseas so I set this as a scheduled post, except it didn’t get published as planned…? I don’t really have much luck with this function! Hehe. 

Before I knew it, 2012 had passed. Now we’re onto the new year, with new dreams and hopes, new challenges, experiences and memories to be formed!!
To all my dear readers, thank you for your support in the past year. I don’t know any of you, but thank you to everyone whose blogs I visit and who visit Dumpling Love, a small humble blog. It’s your support and inspiration that gives me the strength and motivation to keep this blog running. 
I wish each and every one of you, and your families and loved ones, an extremely Happy New Year! May 2013 bring you all the best of health, happiness, love and success in all areas of life!! Those who have experienced difficulties and challenges in the past year, like me, may 2013 bring you strength and success, and new hopes!! Let’s forget the unhappiness of 2012 and make 2013 a blast, yeah? 
I wonder what mischief we’ll all get up to this year? Haha.

Thanks for reading! ^^


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