[EatHK 2012]: feasting on seafood

More food from HK!! So it was a REALLY good idea that we walked so much in HK, because we really needed that to counteract all the food we ate! haha. I’m sure a lot of you understand =P 
One of the things Mum and I never fail to do when we go back to HK is to feast on their seafood. There is a lot more variety, with many items unseen in Perth. In addition, they are much fresher because you can buy them from the wet markets where they are caught and weighed straight from the tanks. My Uncle never fails to buy a whole lot for us and even though he doesn’t cook much at home, he specially cleans and tidies up the kitchen just so he can steam the seafood for us all to eat. For that, I am extremely grateful and it makes the seafood taste even sweeter. 
So without further ado, let the feast begin! 

Sea snails
Basically what ensues in these seafood feasts of ours is non-stop eating of the seafood plus other foods and drinks. Simple as that. In between eating, my Uncle continues to steam the other items which come out piping hot. It’s dangerous, but incredibly delicious and fun!
Mum and I have a special love for lai liu har (mantis prawn); it’s a must-eat for us when we go back to HK. The large ones with the eggs along the back are the best – cholesterol laden, but very sweet. Unfortunately there were hardly any of these when we went this year so we didn’t manage to have them =( 
Tiger prawns, and…some other prawn I don’t know
Since we couldn’t find any nice lai liu har, my Uncle bought some other prawns which were really sweet as well. I usually have cold tiger prawns from buffets but they’re so much better freshly cooked!! Plus, they were super-fresh!

‘wang yau hai’ & flower crab
We also had crabs! 3 types in fact. We had wang yau hai (lit. yellow oil crab). This crab is full of yellow roe and they actually inhabit warmer climates which makes the roe more liquid, which then seeps into the rest of the crab like it’s legs and everything. These are pretty good, if you like roe. I find our blue swimmer crabs in Perth nicer because I like the ‘juice’. Crabs like wang yau hai are like dai zha hai where you eat them for the roe, so the meat is much more firm than crabs like blue swimmer. 
The other type of crab…forgot the name ><!
We also had another ‘roe crab’ but I have forgotten the name! This crab is similar to wang yau hai in that it’s mostly eaten for the roe. Although it’s cheaper than the former crab, I actually find it nicer. The roe is more robust in taste, and the flesh is a bit softer and sweeter. I guess I like the cheap things =P haha!
‘wang yau hai’ innards
Mum and I also bought a whole lot of sushi and sashimi, because crabs are very leung (cooling) so it’s best to eat something else as well…although sashimi probably not the best choice =P We also washed all this down with some lemon tea, Vita soymilk and soft drink. No beer because there were kids =P hehe. 
It was a great feast, and extremely fun! Thanks, Uncle for preparing all this!!! I can’t wait for next time I see you guys again! =) 
Thanks for reading! ^^ Hope you all enjoy the rest of the week!
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