[Eating out]: Pepper Lunch – CBD

Pepper Lunch Interior
It was October. Time for another catch-up with CT! This time we decided to go to Pepper Lunch which is a first in Perth! When I found out there was a branch on Barrack St, I practically rejoiced. Not so much singing and dancing type because I was in public, but I was VERY happy. 
If you remember, I love Pepper Lunch! There’s just something about mixed rice with some ‘liu’ and sauce that entices me – I’m the same with fried rice, Foo Chow Chow Faan (fried rice with sauce on top), rice with curry where I practically drown the rice in the curry, and I mix mapo tofu with the rice and so on. 
But anyway, enough of that obsession of mine…let’s get onto the food!

Menu (oops photo bit dark sorry!)
The menu is quite similar to that of Singapore Pepper Lunches – there are some different items, and some exclusions (e.g., the unagi rice). I remember the Singapore branches having more choice, but I can’t be too sure because I usually get the same 1 or 2 types..hehe.
Anyway, when in Singapore, CT actually rarely goes to Pepper Lunch, which I totally understand because who would when you’ve got yummy home-cooked meals and an abundance of hawker fare? So she was pretty keen to try! She said it had been a year or something since the last time she had Pepper Lunch! Me? It was only 2.5 months since I had it in July..hehe =P
Kimchi beef

Even with the smaller menu, we had a hard time deciding! haha. CT ended up choosing the Kimchi beef rice which has a pile of kimchi on top of the rice, plus some thin beef slices on the hotplate. Dad had this last time I took my family there so I told her it was pretty good.

I got the salmon last time, but my brother JC got the curry beef and it was pretty nice when I tasted it so I decided to get it this time. It was gooood! It was perfect for that night because it was actually quite cold and windy so the hint of spice was just what I needed to warm myself up before stepping back out into the cold =P

Note that there are 2 types of curry rice – this is the ‘dry’ style where it’s curry powder on top of the rice. They also have the actual Japanese-style curry where you mix all the rice in.

Curry beef rice
After dinner digestion was in the form of scouring the city for a farewell gift for CT’s friend. We literally walked around the city 3-4 times, passing the same stores. It was a pretty rowdy night with quite a few drunk people who were picking fights with others, and there were A LOT of police on patrol. We were quite surprised because it wasn’t even that late and we didn’t think Friday night in the city was like that.
But then again…it had been months since either of us actually had been to the city on a Friday night =P haha. 
Once again, it was a fantastic catch-up with CT! It’s always nice to share what’s been happening in the past month with each other. Thanks for the dinner treat, CT!! (We’ve got a ‘system’ where we just treat each other to dinner instead of having to half the bill or fight at the cashier to pay..hehe).
Here are the details for Pepper Lunch – Perth. If you haven’t tried it yet, do so! It’s a fun eating experience =) 
Pepper Lunch
Shop G5, 95 Barrack Street,
(08) 9325 3532 
Open 11am – 9pm. 
**I’m not sure whether you can actually make reservations, but the restaurant is quite small and it gets pretty busy so sometimes you will have to wait 10 or so minutes for a table**
Thanks for reading!! ^^ Stay tuned for our next catch-up! I found out some exciting news! hehehe.
Have a great weekend everyone! 

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