[CC cooks]: 祝我生日快樂!

November 28 marked yet another year of my life – how quick time flies! I’m one year older…and none the wiser! haha!

It wasn’t a big celebration – just a simple dinner of noodles at home. Remember my family’s tradition of treating everyone to dinner on our birthdays? Well, Dad is currently overseas (in HK! so jeaaaaalous..haha) so I’m delaying my dinner until he gets back this Saturday. I decided to just have a simple noodles dinner tonight, and it was actually perfect because the weather has been crazy in Perth these couple of days! Gale-force winds and rain so a nice bowl of noodles in hot soup was very comforting!

When I saw Jessie’s spinach and carrot noodles, I immediately bookmarked them and reserved them for this day. What was 2 bunches of spinach became delicious home-made spinach noodles =) They were great! Chewy, bouncy and very Q. Don’t you think home-made noodles are just the best? I used the pasta machine we have at home, just like last time.

Roasted peanuts

Do you all know what ban mien is? I had the pleasure of being introduced to this dish while in SG and it’s amazing! I love it, because I love to eat noodles and the soup broth is so ching and you actually feel pretty healthy eating it =P haha. Oh, and who could forget the crunchy ikan bilis and creamy egg? hmmm..

Anyway, so my family hasn’t had it before so I decided to make a ban mien-esque dinner to mash things up a bit.

Here it is! I did say it was ‘ban mien-esque’..CC’s take on it =P

so green! with envy?

Ok, first! Can you see the awesome spinach noodles? Don’t they look beautiful? Alright, I’ll stop gushing about it.

So this is how I assembled everyone’s bowls.

1. Spinach noodles! As mentioned before, I used Jessie’s recipe but tripled it (we have 7 people leh!) and added a bit more flour because I felt the dough was too soft.
2. Blanched kang kong
3. Shredded chicken from the roast chicken Mum and I bought the night before
4. A lo sui egg each. I initially wanted to crack an egg into the bowl and have the hot soup cook it, but I scrapped that idea because (A) not everyone likes eating undercooked eggs, and (B) these eggs were in the fridge already. haha.
5. Chicken soup. I just used home-made stock, and first fried some ginger, spring onion and pork slices until fragrant then added it into the stock. I just flavoured it with some salt, pepper, and soy sauce.
6. Topped with some fried shallots, ikan bilis and roasted peanuts.

fried shallots (L), ikan bilis (R)

I had some shallots left over from making beef rendang, so I decided to fry my own…clearly, I need some practice in getting them out in time. They were overdone and borderline black. Actually, some WERE black! ><! That's what happens when you multi-task and (1) roast peanuts, (2) cook red bean dessert, (3) eat a peach, and (4) fry shallots at the same time. =.=' I've learnt my lesson. At least, don't eat the peach so my hands are free! =P

The ikan bilis was given by a family friend, who has known us for 20-odd years. I can’t believe she has literally seen me grow up…it’s a bit surreal in my opinion.

I was afraid there wouldn’t be enough food so I decided to slice the lo sui pork as a cold dish as well.

Lo sui pork leg – it looked boring so I cut some cucumber flowers too..hehe.
Turns out there WAS enough food, and I had some noodles leftover. No worries, Dad is coming back so I’ll keep them for him so he can try the awesome, amazingly tasty spinach noodles (hehehe…)
And that was my birthday dinner =) 
Just kidding…you didn’t think there would be no dessert, right? hah! I was initially going to make a mango sago but since it was quite cold, I decided to make a hot red bean dessert, i.e., 红豆沙. I’ve made it before and this time I added some black glutinous rice as well because it has a nice nutty flavour.
I started eating before I remembered to take a photo =P That’s a piece of yam on the spoon, by the way (why is this photo pretty much identical to the other one?? ><!!)
I asked my siblings not to get a cake for me, because I wanted to make my own for Saturday when I have my actual dinner when Dad is here. But they still got one. It was a beautiful mixed berry custard tart from La Galette de France
We usually get the tart from Jean-Claude Patisserie in Subiaco, but this was convenient for my older brother JC to pick up on the way home. It was yum! The tart base was amazing, but it was waaaaaaaaaay too sweet! The custard was too sweet, and the fruit glaze too. We all agreed that Jean-Claude was much better =P But it was still yummy, and I really appreciate the effort they went to because I know how busy everyone is =D
One candle for one year older…make a wish! 

Now that really was the dinner =P hehe. No more surprises. It was a nice simple dinner at home, and while I don’t make a big deal about my birthday, I am happy that everyone made the time to celebrate this day with me.

Thanks to my family for enjoying the dinner I cooked for them, and taking the time to celebrate with me!

Thanks to my family and friends for the birthday wishes I received yesterday! 

And, Thank YOU for reading this post and sharing the birthday happiness with me =) Enjoy the rest of the week!


4 thoughts on “[CC cooks]: 祝我生日快樂!

  1. Happy belated birthday! Wish you always happy & pretty! Aiyoh, please share your “ban mien” with me! The cake looks very pretty too! Oh, back to your “ban mien,” it is a classic type of noodle in Malaysia which I can't find it in any of the Sydney's restaurants & this is why I'm so desperate to find the right recipe! Let me see whether I have time to post my version of the “ban mien” or not in the next few days. That was the 1st time I made them b4 the spinach & carrot noodles version.


  2. Thank you, Jessie! =D I also wish always happy and pretty lah =P haha. Next time come over for ban mien, ok? Sure got enough! haha. Ban mien also very hard to find in Perth. I'm looking forward to your ban mien recipe! Can't wait to make noodles again!


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