[CC cooks]: Simple is best

Corn, red cabbage, capsicum, red onion, cucumber…what’s for dinner?

Hello everyone!! I’m done with exams!! WOOHOO!! haha. I’m so relieved that I don’t have to study anymore and can just focus on my other work! Yes, my other work…I’m not on holiday (yet) but at least I can finish with the study and just focus on my other things =)

Couldn’t wait to celebrate so last night after my exam, Mum and I went to get massages and dinner =D We’ve been trying to go for massage for many months, but I’ve always been so busy. But just couldn’t wait any longer! We needed to treat ourselves after the hard work studying (me) and working (Mum)..hehe. It was a great night with Mum! 

Anyway, just a quick post to welcome the weekend! This was another impromptu dinner menu one night when it was just GC and I eating at home since Mum and Dad were out for dinner.

This was totally unplanned – Mum and Dad were out shopping for Chinese groceries but they didn’t manage to make it back in reasonable time for dinner and decided to stay out. So, GC and I were left to fend for ourselves. The problem is…not only were Mum and Dad out with the Chinese groceries, they were out with the groceries from the markets too! Like ALL our vegetables! Our fridges were literally bare…I had no idea what to cook and I hadn’t taken any meat/fish out of the freezer in the morning so I didn’t even have those to work with.
In hindsight, we probably could’ve just had takeaway, but I’m more a fan of cooking at home..hehe. So this was the result of our ‘let’s see what’s left in our nearly-empty fridge to cook’.

I actually came up with 3 options for GC while I was bathing (yes, very random I know! Guess that’s where my inspiration comes from..haha!). After checking out what was left in the pantry and fridge, here’s what I thought of.
Option 1 = cold soba
Option 2 = spicy Korean noodles (like bibim guksu)
Option 3 = Chorizo aglio olio – Dad had some chorizo left over which he most probably forgot about!
It was actually quite a feat for GC to choose too! It was pretty funny. He liked the cold soba idea, but then when he heard option 2, he was like ‘ooo that sounds good. Yeah let’s have that’. BUT then came option 3 which just threw options 1 and 2 out the window. haha. We usually have “wet” pasta with tomato-based sauce so this was something new for him.

Chorizo & garlic aglio olio with parmesan shavings

The pasta was very simple – just some garlic and black pepper with the chorizo. GC also shaved some parmesan on top of it, and he had quite a bit of fun doing that since he usually grates it. It was pretty funny watching his amazement. haha.
I’m not a huge fan of pasta, and plus I was still pretty full from lunch so I also made a simple salad for us. Initially I was just going to have a tiny bit of pasta along with the salad, but then a sudden tuna craving hit me and I turned my salad into a protein-packed main.

Protein power!

The salad was just the corn, capsicum, etc from the first photo, along with some shredded lettuce, and a can of tuna. So yummy! I whipped up a quick ginger soy dressing and it was so good! Very filling dinner packed full of nutrition, or so I tell myself.
There you have it! Another simple dinner for 2 people =) Quick and easy. Since I did the cooking, GC did the dishes – what a great team we make, eh!?! haha.
Thanks for reading!! ^^ Have a great weekend, everyone!!

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