[EatHK 2012]: our breakfasts..

My first meal in HK =D 
Hi everyone! How was your weekend? This week will be super-busy for me studying for my upcoming exam, so I decided to take the weekend to rest and relax a bit, which just means minimal study and uni work..haha. So yesterday went out for a scrumptious lunch with my Mum and brother GC then went shopping! Surprisingly tiring, but fun nonetheless =) Hope your weekend was as enjoyable as mine!

Now let’s continue with my HK posts! I don’t even know where to start! There’s just too much I want to share with everyone! Last time I showed you some sights in Hung Hom, my neighbourhood. So I thought we could indulge in some yummy food next =P hehe. Just a warning, there’s LOTS of yummy food here so make sure you’re not hungry, ok?

When I was younger, I hardly ate breakfast, much to my Dad’s dismay. I’m not entirely sure why but I sometimes felt it was just too early for me to eat and I didn’t really feel like eating anything. But anyway, my Dad ‘trained’ me and kept making me eat little amounts at a time and now? I can’t miss breakfast!! This was no different when I was in HK and plus, when in HK, there’s just too much food I want to eat so I literally need to eat about 8 meals a day to fit them all in! haha.
Let’s have a look at what Mum and I ate for breakfast, shall we?

The above picture is my much-loved cheong fun with the 3 sauces (sweet sauce, sesame sauce, chilli sauce). It’s literally the first thing I ate when I got to HK..haha. This one is from a store right below my Uncle’s apartment and it’s SO GOOD! The cheong fun is smooth and each layer is thin and just plain yum! I also added a stick of curry beef tripe in which made for a very filling before-dinner snack since the portion ended up being pretty big. haha. The tripe wasn’t the best I had because it was slightly tough, but I got my curry beef tripe fix during the rest of my trip =P hehe.

Kowloon Dairy Milk

I know milk in Australia is supposed to be (one of) the best in the world, but I just can’t help but loving the milk in HK! I’m pretty sure it’s full-cream milk, which I don’t usually drink but there’s just this taste and texture about it that is just so nice! And who can ever resist the cute little glass bottles? I love them so much that I brought them back to Perth! haha.
*Note: This was NOT my breakfast! This is my little fruit snack in the morning before Mum wakes up, then we go for breakfast =P I wake up considerably earlier than Mum and I’m usually hungry when I get up. 
Ooodles of noodles, plus wontons and balls
I don’t know anyone who goes to HK and just doesn’t have a simple ‘yu dan hor’, ‘wonton hor’ or ‘ngau lam hor’. It’s like it’s embedded in the culture there. I’m no different – when I go back, I have to have wonton hor and ngau lam hor! So in the pic, we’ve got (from top-bottom), wonton mien, ngau lam hor, beef tendon & cuttlefish balls hor, wonton soup, fish ball & fish cake mei fun (beehoon).
I don’t go to the famous places like Mak’s noodles, etc. These are just random places that we come across or usually frequent and they’re nice! Except for the ngau lam hor – the ngau lam wasn’t tender enough =( 
Another thing I have to have is ‘tze jai mien’ (cart noodles) but I forgot to take a photo of it!! I always go to the same place below my Uncle’s apartment in Hung Hom and it’s awesome! Mum and I were too excited to eat it that we totally forgot I needed to photograph it! hehe. 
Salty soy bean & chii faan! YUM!
One of my and Mum’s must-eats when we go to HK is chii faan, especially from this particular store which is just around the corner from my Uncle’s place. Chii faan is essentially glutinous rice that is shaped like an oblong roll filled with yau char kway (crispy dough cruellers), pork floss and zaa choi (preserved vegetables). It is such a simple thing with simple ingredients, but the flavours are amazing. You’ve got the salty vegetables, contrasting with the fragrance of the dough cruellers against a backdrop of slightly sweet and salty pork floss. Not to mention the mix of textures too – soft and chewy rice, crunchy vegetables and cruellers with the soft pork floss. It might not be to everyone’s liking, but it’s perfect for a simple breakfast for Mum and myself =)

When we have chii faan, we must also have soy bean with it! Sometimes we order sweet soybean drink, but we couldn’t resist the salty soybean which had SO MUCH ingredients! The aforementioned preserved vegetables, har mei pei (sakura ebi) and cut dough cruellers. The salty soy bean is slightly salty, slightly sour from the vinegar that is used to curdle the soy bean milk.

This place seriously has the best in my opinion. I only ever go here for my chii faan and/or soybean fix. The chii faan has a perfect ratio of rice to filling, and the soybean is super-fragrant. Top-notch food that is ever so conveniently close by =D 

Congee time!
Yet another thing on our must-have list =P We ate congee at this place SO MANY TIMES! haha. At least 3 occasions! The first time we had century egg + pork congee, and shared a haam chin peng. The bowls are massive for us if we get something else as well but Mum totally forgot so that day, we ordered 2 congee and we were so full after! haha. Second time we had fish slice century egg congee and also had an ngau lei soh which is a slightly sweet fried dough thing (bottom-left of pic). 
On another occasion, we had teng jai jook which is a mix of pork mince, cuttlefish, fish slice, century egg, etc. My Aunty always orders this and I rarely have it so wanted to give it a try. Also had some zhar leung which I covered with the 3 sauces I eat my cheong fun with. It was great! hehe. 
The last couple of occasions, I didn’t photograph because we got the same congee and just mixed it up with some yau char kwai and/or cheong fun. hehe. We ate there a lot! This place is also close by my Uncle’s, and it’s just a short walk which is perfect! hehe. 
Dimsum feast…one of many =) 
The above picture is from my first dimsum feast I had with my Uncle and Aunty =D That was food for 3 adults and 2 kids, one of which didn’t eat properly and was quite fidgety. A LOT of food, right? haha. We didn’t even have the table space so had to stack the loongs on top of each other…haha. 
Depending on where you go, eating dimsum in HK is typically done by indicating how many loongs you want of each item then passing the ‘order’ sheet to the respective staff then your food will come when they are ready. Some places still have the trolleys, but a lot of places try to cater for more people and thus, there isn’t a lot of room between tables to maneuver the tables. Pretty unfortunate because that’s one aspect I absolutely love, but as long as I get the food, it’s fine =P haha! 
There was one place I went to years back where certain items (mostly the braised ones) were continually braised in a big pot so you just go up to them and ask for 1, 2, 3…loongs and they’ll just scoop it out for you, mark your sheet and off you go with your yummy plates. I can’t remember where that was or if any restaurants still do that anymore. 
Anyway, so the place we went to was Foo Lam, which is in Hung Hom and it’s where we usually go for dimsum. I had the black sesame lau sar bao there! SO GOOD! Not only was it very molten, it was black sesame as well! One of my favourite flavours! I love having dimsum in HK because (A) it’s simply the best, in my opinion, and (B) there’s just so much more variety!
My last meal before I left HK =( 
Couldn’t resist having dimsum again just before I left HK! This was at a different place, and it was pretty good! Some things not as good as Foo Lam but we also had different items here that were yum! We of course ordered a lot more food than that =P haha. 
One thing I really wish dimsum restaurants in Perth (namely Golden Century since that’s my go-to place) would do is offer Teochew fan guo (Teochew dumplings)!! I LOVE them! They have meat, peanuts, mushrooms, and vegetables in it and they’re just really nice. I had so many while I was in HK =P haha. 
Oh! Another place we went for dimsum is a place in Peng Chau! It was a very small family-owned restaurant and they literally only make up the order after you order it. What I mean is that we ordered har gau and they rolled the skin, wrapped it, steamed it, only when we ordered it. Super-fresh har gau! Nothing can ever beat that, and it’s honestly the best one I have ever eaten! The skin was perfectly thin and chewy, and didn’t break at all when I picked them up. 
Omgoodness I’m craving all this so much now!! So jealous of my Aunty who is in HK right now for holiday and actually just ate hairy crabs last night!! ><!! I waaaaaant! haha. 
Hope you enjoyed this mini-tour of some of the foods I ate with my Mum and relatives in HK for breakfast! Got more lined up for you guys! Stay tuned! hehe. 
Thanks for reading! ^^ Enjoy the rest of the week!
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