[WalkHK 2012]: My neighbourhood – 紅磡 (Hung Hom)

Good morning everyone! How was your weekend? I just realised I haven’t even begun posting about my trip to HK in July!! I’ve got posts lined up, but just have to find the time to sit down and write them properly…so that’s what I’m doing now while eating my breakfast =P haha. 
Anyway, I was trying to think about what to share first…the food we ate? The day trips we went on? The sights & sounds of HK? Hmm…I’ve decided on this…the awesome neighbourhood where I stay everytime I go back to HK – 紅磡 (Hung Hom). 

Whenever Mum and I go back to HK, we always stay with my Uncle (i.e., Mum’s younger brother), who has a flat in Hung Hom that is only about a 10min walk from the bus interchange/train station. When we used to live in HK, we also lived in the Hung Hom-Whampoa area so I haven’t stayed in a lot of areas in HK (mainly here, 沙田 Shatin and 將軍澳 Tseung Kwan O), but I love Hung Hom. It’s just got this kind of rustic charm and cosiness that I love.

So tall…
I am definitely a walking-type girl…I love to take walks around different areas soaking in the surrounds. This, I think, is especially important because I usually sit in my office doing work at uni and I get so because that before I know it, I haven’t exercised for months. Then I stop wondering why I seem to have put on weight because I arrive at my answer =.=’ haha. So I usually try to take walks as much as possible, and I keep that up during my holidays too.
I especially love walking while on holiday so that I can just absorb the life and atmosphere of the different areas I explore. In addition, it’s just nice to have a nice stroll on my own, at my own pace. These pictures are from one of my morning walks before Mum woke up.
小巴 (minibus)

I absolutely LOVE the 小巴 in HK. I love the their concept, the look and riding them..hehe. Don’t you think they look cute? haha. You just board at the respective stop, then tell the driver when you need to alight (e.g., ‘Driver, alight at next stop’) and then they’ll stop =) Otherwise if no one hails the minibus and no one needs to alight, they’ll keep going. It’s awesome and oh-so-cute.
Park n Shop
Park n Shop is an awesome supermarket chain in HK. I generally love browsing supermarkets (please don’t laugh..hehe) and browsing Coles, Woolworths and IGA gets a bit boring so it’s awesome to walk around other supermarkets (see why I asked you not to laugh?). In SG, I loved NTUC Fairprice, Cold Storage and Giant. In HK, it’s Park n Shop and Wellcome.
This PnS is just around the corner from my Uncle’s block and it’s below the walking street, hence why the photo looks like that. It’s a very small one but still has all the essentials that you need. 
Iconic HK taxi! There’s different colours to service different areas (e.g., red vs. green). The building behind is the Hung Hom Municipial Building, which also houses the wet market and a food court.

The wet markets are but a short walk from my Uncle’s block, which is great because not only do I love wet markets and checking out the sights, sounds (even the smell!) there, our most favourite juk (congee) store is just opposite it. Along with my newfound bakery (will post about it). 
Aunties and Po Po’s fighting for fresh vegetables
As you can probably tell from the photos, there were many sights and sounds around the neighbourhood at such an early time, which is characteristic of HK in general. Traffic was abundant, and the streets were already filled with earlybirds on their way to work, schoolkids, grabbing some breakfast at the cha chan tengs or just buying some fresh fruits and vegetables. I love it! I forgot to bring my wallet (or any money in fact) so I couldn’t join in the fun =( hehe.

Random cha chan teng

I love eating at streetside stores (i.e., dai pai dong) and cha chan tengs because it’s just so local and the atmosphere is so exciting. The hustle and bustle, the simplicity. It’s all so addictive. The above photo is just a random cha chan teng somewhere in Hung Hom. I’ve never eaten here before but see those posters all over the windows? That’s the menu. There’s Asian and Western-style breakfasts. An example of Western-style is scrambled eggs, or a luncheon meat + egg sandwich.

To be honest, although it’s a staple of cha chan tengs, I hardly ever order the scrambled eggs, or luncheon meat + egg sandwiches, or the macaroni. This is mainly because I can always make it at home in no time. But the yummy fishball horfun, beef tendon and brisket horfuns are of course less convenient and so I always order those things. I have to stop talking about the food because I really miss it!!! ><! so not looking forward to writing up my food posts! haha.

Feel the flow of Chi through your body

Let me end the post with a picture of a group of elderly ladies practicing Tai Chi in the playground of my Uncle’s apartment block. I was tempted to follow them but that would’ve been random, and plus, I didn’t have a cool orange t-shirt like them =P hehe.

It’s always a great walk around the neighbourhood – I wake up earlier than Mum because my body clock is just used to it so I always manage to have a walk around first, then I feel fresh and ready for mine and Mum’s adventures for the day! hehe. Although Hung Hom doesn’t have all those major sights + sounds like Central, Wanchai, Mongkok and so on, it’s got it’s own charm and I love it there =)

Hope you enjoyed my post about Hung Hom! Have a happy Monday & rest of the week everyone!

Thanks for reading! ^^

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  1. Thanks, Cheah! Now that you mention it, it does look neat + tidy, doesn't it? haha. I never actually noticed! Perhaps I just photographed areas that look particularly neat =P hehe. Have a nice day!


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