[CC cooks]: A simple Japanese dinner!

It’s Friday! I can’t wait for the weekend! Well…actually, it’ll just feel like a normal weekday for me since I’ll be spending most of it doing my assignment =( What have you got planned for the weekend?
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This is another simple dinner I cooked one night. Initially it was just GC and I, hence the simplicity of this dinner. But then it turned out that SC was going to eat what we cooked as well (she sometimes makes pasta for herself instead), and then Mum and Dad would actually be able to make it for dinner after their day out.
We had cold soba, home-made miso soup, spinach salad and LAVA EGGS!!!!!
I made the miso soup myself – even the dashi stock! It was sooo yum! I finally got bonito flakes so I couldn’t wait to use them. I find it pretty hard to find it in Perth, and this pack was from when I went to Japan this year…which…I still have to blog about! Anyway, the fragrance of the bonito flakes was amazing. Also, many thanks to Nami, from Just One Cookbook for her tips about miso paste =)
The lava eggs were my favourite component! Haha…which is understandable since I’m basically addicted to eggs, and soft-boiled ones especially! GC loved them too, but found it slightly odd to have cold runny yolks since he usually only has runny yolk when I fry him sunny-side up, or when we have poached eggs at cafes.

LAVA EGGS!!! Oh…and spinach =P Oops, eggs bit blurry. 
I probably could’ve cooked the eggs slightly longer because the yolks just spilled out so quickly when I cut it. I think this would be perfect consistency if I hadn’t cut it though. 
Although it was simple, I think everyone enjoyed it. GC definitely did and Mum loved the soup. She said it’s better than the restaurant ones =P hehe. That was like music to my ears! I love it when my family enjoys the food I cook for them. 
Until next time! Thanks for reading! ^^ Have a great weekend, everyone!! 

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