[Eating Out]: Took Bae Kee 2 – CBD

Woot! Remember I said CT and I declared monthly dinner + catch-up? This was our next one…a few months ago. oops!
CT felt like Korean food this time so we decided to go to Took Bae Kee 2. We were initially going to go to Tong86 for Korean bbq, but unfortunately I was sick and didn’t want to aggravate my throat any further, so we’ve reserved that for another day =P haha.
I like TBK2 for the shared dishes (e.g., those massive casseroles and steamboats that boil away at the table), but we spotted jajangmyeon on the menu and CT was like O_O!!!! Ok I exaggerate because she is far more composed than that…haha.

Anyway, so it was pretty cold that night so we decided to get a jajangmyeon and a oxtail soup to share.

The banchan was yummy – we really liked the sautéed zucchini + mushrooms ones, and the kimchi this time was quite nice (last time I went, it was way too spicy and salty). We topped up the banchans =P hehe. 
Here’s the jajangmyeon! It’s actually quite hard to find in Perth I think. Or maybe I’m just not going to the Korean restaurants that have it? It was pretty nice. The noodles are REALLY GOOD! Very Q and just so good. The sauce was very different to the Chinese-style ‘ja jang mien’ which is more salty, whereas Korean jajangmyeon is more sweet. It was a bit starchy though, and I would’ve preferred to have a bit more onion in it. 
The oxtail soup was a bit of a disappointment though…it wasn’t bad, but just a bit bland I think. Last time Dad had it, it was a lot more flavoursome. 
Took Bae Kee II 
127 Barrack Street,
PERTH, WA, 6000
(08) 9225 4260
*Highly recommend making a reservation, especially for large tables*
Since the food was served quite quickly, we finished pretty early and left since they were really busy. Then off to PresoTea for some bubble tea!! YUM! My new go-to place for bubble tea – they actually brew the tea right there and then, and the tea is so fragrant. Must try if you haven’t already!
81 Barrack Street,
PERTH, WA, 6000
(08) 9325 5535

As usual, it was a great night chatting and eating with such a great friend! Gotta organise our next one!

Thanks for reading! ^^


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