[CC cooks]: Soybean & red bean jelly!

Good morning, everyone! Remember how I made soybean milk? Well, I decided to make some little jellies out of it since (A) I like jelly, and so does my family, (B) I wanted to use the cool jelly moulds I bought in SG, and (C) this month’s Aspiring Bakers theme is “Jellies & Puddings”, hosted by Charmaine of MiMi Bakery House! 
Although I like jelly, I very rarely make it. In fact, I’ve made it only twice – and once was not too successful because not enough gelatin was added and thus, it was not set nicely. My brother JC is the jelly-making man. I’m not sure why but he is like the default person to make jelly in our family. haha.  

Anyway, this time they turned out beautifully! I added some red beans that I cooked beforehand and it was just so awesome. I love it. Even my brother GC who doesn’t like red beans thought the jelly was nice – though I’m 100% sure that it was largely to do with the soybean milk rather than the red beans =P haha. 
This time the gelatin was enough =D And I could get it out of the moulds without making them look *too* mangled. Yay! Without further ado, here’s what I did…
Soybean & Red Bean Jelly
(CC, aka Dumpling Love)
500mL Soybean milk 
2 tbsp gelatin 
Cooked red beans (optional)
1. Sprinkle gelatin over soybean milk and let it soften for about 5min.
2. Heat soybean milk, stirring continuously until gelatin has dissolved (I didn’t let it boil, just heated it gently)
3. Once gelatin is completely dissolved, let it cool a bit before pouring through strainer into jelly moulds. 
4. Refrigerate until set.
5. Eat =)  

 Step 5 =P hehe

Since I had already added rock sugar to my soybean milk, I didn’t add additional sugar for the jelly but if you are using unsweetened milk, remember to add some sugar to your taste. I added sugar to the red beans while cooking them so that added more sweetness, hence my choice of no more added sugar =) 
You can also just pour it into bowls if you don’t have jelly moulds, or a pan and then just cut it when ready to eat. I also make tau fu far with the soybean milk, but alas, I forgot to photograph it before we ate it all. But it didn’t turn out like I wanted because there was too much gelatin in those, and thus, they didn’t have that soft scoop-like texture like the ones I had in HK =( At least now I know how much gelatin I should add next time =)
I’ll be submitting this post to this month’s Aspiring Bakers #24: Jellies & Puddings, hosted by Charmaine of MiMi Bakery House.

Thanks for reading! ^^ Hope this sweetened up your Monday! Have a great week! 


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