[CC cooks]: Father’s Day feast

Now that I’m relieved of the stress of a difficult assignment, I finally have a little bit of time to write up a post…before I need to get back to my other work =.=’ It just never ends, does it? haha.

Anyway! So how was everyone’s weekend?? Mine was uneventful – just working on my assignment and fine-tuning it to a standard I was happy with…oh and cooking dinner for my family, which I will blog about…one day =P hehe. Hope you all had a great weekend and feel refreshed on this Monday morning!

Now…let’s focus on those yummy-looking lamb cutlets shall we?

This was part of our Father’s Day celebration for Dad. Now you know how belated this post is =P haha. Anyway! So, it’s really difficult trying to choose a restaurant to go to where everyone will enjoy the food and atmosphere, so we once again decided to have a little feast at home and since Dad is quite fond of roast meats and so on, we decided on this…

Tomato & avocado salad
Oops..that’s not meat! With all the protein, we must have some vegetables! I mainly made this tomato and avocado salad because Mum doesn’t like avocado so I didn’t want to put it in the main salad.

Mixed garden salad with couscous
More salad to combat the heavy foods. This was just a garden salad with a whole lot of couscous, with some lemon juice and black pepper. Nice and simple, yet yummy =) 

Potato gratin
My sister SC made a potato gratin, but she didn’t bake it for long enough or something so some of the potato was still uncooked. I don’t like cheese much, especially parmesan so I didn’t have any of this but I heard it was nice (except for the uncooked parts). 

Roast chicken
Mum doesn’t eat lamb, so I made a roast chicken as well. My first roast chicken ever! It was actually a bit stressful because I wanted to ensure the chicken was cooked but not dry and I was like combining my knowledge in baking/roasting and cooking to estimate how to go about doing this =P It turned out AWESOME! It was super-moist and totally cooked =) I stuffed heaps of garlic, lemon and thyme in the cavity and under the skin and it was so fragrant! So happy this was a success! The skin wasn’t as crispy as I’d hoped, especially after resting it but yeah…not sure what to do about that…!?! More salt perhaps?

Assorted roast vegetables

Unlike many people, I love to eat my vegetables so I made a whole lot of roast vegetables. There was onion, corn, pumpkin, sweet potato, zucchini and carrot. I coated some with polenta and it was nice and crispy out of the oven.
One thing that surprised me was the carrot! They take aaaaaaaages to roast!!! Like…they were still semi-hard, when everything else was cooked through! I never knew that. I’m guessing maybe it’s because there is less water content in carrots compared to the other veg I roasted so it took longer. My brother GC also nodded in agreement…haha. Well, you learn something new everyday, don’t you? hehe.

We also had the lamb too, which is the first picture of the post. But for lamb-lovers out there, let’s ogle at it again…

I love lamb!
Then it was time for dessert! My brother JC’s girlfriend VH bought an Apple Strudel from Corica, but no photo because I was busy preparing the other dessert…which is…

Strawberry tarts
Strawberry tart! Remember I mentioned that I initially planned to make the same apple strudel from Corica, but then since VH bought one, I had to make a change of plans? I decided to make fruit tarts since I needed to use the creme patissiere that I had already prepared. Well, technically GC decided since I was consulting with him and once I suggested fruit tarts, he was nodding fervently. haha! 
I quickly made some shortcrust pastry during the day, GC helped me coat the base with dark chocolate then we assembled it before consumption so they wouldn’t go soggy. They don’t look very good (and I was dolloping the creme pat on like there was no tomorrow), but they were YUM! And smelt sooooo good as well. If you’re wondering why some have a strawberry and no creme pat, it’s because Mum doesn’t like creme pat =P 
Anyway, so that was the feast we had for Father’s Day! Everyone enjoyed the food, which is something I always enjoy seeing. We had leftovers, but not to worry because that was our lunch the next day! =D Most importantly, Dad enjoyed himself that day, and the food =)
Thanks for reading!! ^^ Hope you all have a great Monday, and a great week ahead!  

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