[Eating Out]: S&T Thai Cafe – Northbridge

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Massive menu! It’s full on the other side too…but no photo. oops!
CT and I finally met up for dinner and a chat!! And I’m finally posting about it! Haha. We decided to go to S&T Thai Gourmet Café to have something different, instead of our usual Korean or Japanese fare.
I’ve been meaning to go to this place for quite a while, even moreso after the Thai lady I get massages from said she frequents this place for lunch/dinner when she’s working. If the customer base include native people, must be pretty good, right? Well, that’s what I think =P
Anyway, so S&T has a MASSIVE MENU! This is only 1 side of the menu…seriously heaps of food, man! It took us really long to decide and it didn’t help that we kept chatting instead of perusing the menu =P haha.
In end we decided on these…

Som Tum – very spicy and refreshing. It was a little salty when you’re finishing it up since the last few shreds are drenched in the sauce, but it was very appetising. Next time I’ll try the one with the crab. 
Tom Yum Goong – it was super-cold and threatening to rain that night so we both wanted something warm. Turns out we both wanted the Tom Yum so that was perfect. It was really good – I’m not an expert in Tom Yum (or Thai food in general), but I think the flavours were nicely balanced. It wasn’t overly spicy that you can’t taste the fragrant lemongrass. The seafood was nice and fresh and I love the abundance of ingredients in it. There were prawns (alas, they were the imported ones though), straw and button mushrooms, mussels, scallop, and squid!
Pineapple Fried Rice with beef and chicken – This was ok. It was a bit oily and not much wok-hei in my opinion, but you can still taste the spices and everything. I couldn’t stop munching on those cashews!! Same with CT! haha.
We shared everything but didn’t manage to finish the rice – but not to worry, that became CT’s lunch the next day =)
It was such a great night and I’m so glad we managed to find the time to catch up. It had been too long!! So long that we had too much to chat about and the restaurant started to close. Haha. We’ve now set a monthly catch-up so that we don’t have to cram our past 6 months’ doings in 3-4hrs! haha.Stay tuned for our other catch-ups as they come =)
S&T Thai Gourmet Café is pretty nice – definitely won’t be the last time I go. I’m hoping in the warmer weather, they’ll have the mango sticky rice when mangoes are in season. They didn’t have it that night so I’m not sure if they’d import the Thai mangoes or not. Oh well, we shall see!
The service was a little slow – we had to wait a while for our water to be refilled. They have a service button on the table that you can press for water, or the bill but no matter how many times we pressed for water no one came. I’m not sure if the button was a dud, or if they just weren’t noticing it…?
Here are the details if you’re interested in visiting the place =)
S&T Thai Gourmet Café
Shop 3/347-349 William St,
(08) 9328 8877
*I would make a reservation if you’ve got many people. It’s quite a small restaurant, plus it was actually full-house on the Tuesday night when we went*

Thanks for reading!! ^^ Have a great weekend everyone!


4 thoughts on “[Eating Out]: S&T Thai Cafe – Northbridge

  1. That's a good point, Jessie! haha. I never thought of that actually – I usually wonder whether the quality of the food will be good if they have THAT many items. Have a nice weekend!


  2. Tom Yum Goong is my most favorite Thai soup and I cannot call myself expert but I'm pretty picky. The soup here looks good! I don't know how to make it so I've been ordering it outside…but I think it's time to make it on my own one day! Now I'm craving for some Thai food…


  3. Yes, me too! I love Tom Yum Goong! Maybe it's time for me to find out how to make it on my own too. Quick you better go get some Thai food now! haha =P


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